Saturday, July 19, 2008

Packing going along swimmingly

I've got a virtual mountain of boxes in my living room. All items I don't need access to in the short-term.

Have given away almost a pick-up load of stuff ( if not more )... woohoo!

Move is scheduled for the 12th of August... so I'm pretty far ahead of the game (which is entirely the point). Hoping tomorrow to do laundry & start digging through the garage to identify things to give away/toss.

Gotta love the Flylady system - of breaking the task down to small steps. I've been packing a box or two every evening, more on weekends... feels pretty good.

Have a couple of companies on the line to give me an estimate for loading & unloading the truck for the move. For the $300-$400 it's going to cost me, I figure its WAY, WAY better than trying to move myself with the stairs. Just yesterday, I had to shift my weight ever so slightly while carrying empty boxes up the stairs.... and I felt a twinge in the knee that reminded me that I'm still not back 100%. I figure getting them to lug things down the stairs will probably keep me from screwing up my knee... and if all they want to charge me is a couple of hundred dollars? SO WORTH IT!!!!


britchik96 said...

Totally worth it. I feel have my stuff (china) and we've not even talked about it in 2 years. I can arrange for it to be picked up if you like and taken away. Just let me know.

spider said...

LOL - it's ok. Its in a good out-of-the way spot. I just keep intending to replace the missing dish & list it for sale...

Carrie said...

I am so glad you put the questionairres on your blog. I didn't think anyone but britchik read it so maybe i will write more now that i know you are reading. Maybe you could give me a little advice or some thoughts along the way. It is great to read about you regularly now.