Monday, August 18, 2008

buggerred up finger

I have like the worst luck. The day I had my fight with "A" I had to take over moving all the stuff from the apartment into the garage (I messed up and didn't have it all arranged when the moving truck arrived, so it took over my dining room and living room. I couldn't start making any headway until they were moved out of the way; and "A" wasn't making any progress (particularly once I lost it & kicked him out).

Managed to jam three fingers on my left hand. Gave them all a very satisfying tug & heard pops, they were still sore later, but seemed ok. Until Sunday morning. The middle finger was the size of a sausage, and the knuckle is so swollen that it's sticking straight out from the finger. And its black & blue. And, I can't really move it more than a cm without excruciating pain. Great. Went to the urgent care clinic - x-ray's indicate nothing is broken; and then the doctor wanted to prescribe anti-inflammatory; when I asked if there were any safe to take with coumadin, he changed his mind. As there are non safe to take with coumadin. Quite suspicious. I'm glad I keep up with all this stuff, if I was a guy who didn't care (not that all guys are like that, but it's probably more a majority than a minority); I could be dead by now. Then he realized NSAIDs for pain was out too. He offered to try to find at least some kind of pain-killer, but I know all the lesser-potency ones I've developed allergies to, and its really not so bad I need something more potent. I asked instead if I could have a splint (as I'm unpacking, if I bump it - I KNOW I've bumped it). So, basically now, I kind of look like I'm flipping everyone off.

"A"s court date was today. He got a five year suspended sentence for Willful Injury - a felony. And he got 30 days (minus 10 for previously served) for the trespassing serious misdemeanor charge. Well, at least I'll know where he's sleeping for the next 20 days.

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