Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flying Post

So, even though none of my rooms are "done" - I do have quite a bit of progress for having moved one week ago.

1 - Kitchen - Green - fully unpacked, but need to remove dishes/food in cupboards to lay down the shelf-liners that had to get washed after being unpacked. Might move pizza oven to utility room (above the dryer) and move microwave to that counter top to free up more counter space, but otherwise, live-able

2 - Dining Room - Warning - fully unpacked, nothing on the walls - don't like where the cat food is right now, but with puppy eating kitty food, it's best to be up on the buffet. Filled with dirty laundry, but the apartment manager is telling me my new dryer will arrive today, so I should be able to reduce Mt WASH-more to reasonable size and get it out of the dining room shortly

3 - Living Room - Green - Four boxes to unpack, and china hutch to repair ... my g'pa made it for me 20+ years ago, and it didn't survive the move as well as I would have hoped. But, it's not the first move-required repair, so I'm not upset about it. But, the boxes I need to unpack contain the items I store in the cabinet, and I'm planning on waiting until post-repairs to tackle this in case we need to lay the cabinet down to repair it. I've got all the parts, just not the patience right now to tackle it.

4 - Bathrooms - Warning - Unpacked, but for 3 boxes of cleaning supplies. Plenty of room in the second bath vanity for all the supplies, but I'm sorting them out and going to try to figure out where I really want them (or basically procrastinating). Second bathroom vanity (master bath) is covered with all the things I want "semi-" handy; and I need to seriously re-think storage under the sink and get something with pull out trays or stackable trays to make this work.

5 - 'a's bedroom - Green - Completely unpacked except for one large box of yarn & my yarn "cubbies" - planning on putting these into his closet with a new shelf I'm going to connive out of the apartment maintenance guy. "a"s toys are very well picked up & cleaned up.

6 - Mom's bedroom - Disaster - Put this off for last, but this week, I'm finally starting to tackle it. I don't have much unpacked, I want to switch dressers, haven't put my bed up yet (am sleeping on air mattress).

So, even though "flying" says tackle those things closest to being done first, I'm digging in my heals and working on my room.

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britchik96 said...

I'm so proud of you - so, so organized. Well done my friend!