Thursday, August 28, 2008

New stress at work

OK, so big project, complex technology, lots of moving parts -some issues last year caused the company to pull the "beta" out of production and start over with the portion of the new project that calls the "service" that was developed by the group I work for. I've always been involved in the communication to & from our service by this other system... so re-writing the system means a lot for me to learn & a lot for me to communicate. We spent the first half of the year "figuring" out what we were doing.... that means LOTS of estimates, LOTS of time spent analyzing options, etc. Two months ago, we started working towards the new solution at a break-neck speed... why? Because even though the new system hasn't been completed yet, they expect us to do the same thing we started two years ago (and spent over 18 months doing); done within three months. Yeah, right....

Anyway, two months in, and we're obviously not 66% completed (i.e., we don't even have the requirements fully documented, the code is not even 10% complete)- not that big of a deal though (and not like I haven't made it extremely clear that the deadline is unreasonable with the resources we have). But now? NOW? They've come up with an idea to replace our service within the new system. One month before code lockdown.

I'm sure that there's a ton of work to do, and I have a lot of knowledge about the vendor our service works with that I'll need to share; and there's surely a job for me in this company somewhere or other - but there's a good chance my team will be dissolved. I LOVE working with my manager & my team and am feeling a bit stressed out.

I was about to transition to a new role on the team - my new role would basically get dissolved in the next couple of months - so I'm kind-of in-between. We've delegated out my regular tasks (that's the less than 66% done part); I'm not undergoing the training; and I've got one other task that came in a side door, that was a) unreasonable (about 200 hours of work due by Friday) and b) not completely sure that they followed the right channels to get a resource (although I'm clearly the one who will probably end up doing it. This task? This task got escalated to management for a decision - so I'm not working on it at this point.

So, I'm piddling around with a little bit of online training as even though there are other higher priority tasks to do, my latest direction (the little I've gotten) has been to stand down .... this goes against everything I know. I'm waiting for better direction and basically "keeping busy". Very frustrating.... especially when now is when I would like to "prove myself" worthy of keeping around.

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