Monday, August 04, 2008


Well, I wandered around the apartment a bit with boxes all weekend. I did pack one or two more boxes. But, basically with the move nine days away, I don't have much left to pack, and most of what is left is stuff I want out for the coming week.

I have a few odd-ball chores to do this week, and then I can pretty much finish packing this weekend, we will still be at the old apartment on Monday night, so basically I should be able to pack everything except a suitcase full worth of stuff and be all set.

I can't ever remember being this prepared before; though I can't take all the credit. When I first started packing, I was hoping to move the third week of July, since we're not moving until the 12th, that bought me several extra packing weeks.

So, here's the odd tasks left (so I don't forget):

-toss mis-matched tupperware
-tear apart bed frames
-fix vaccuum
-take mirror off dresser
-pull bookshelves out of storage room (90 percent empty)
-take down curtains in my bedroom

For packing?
- every day clothes hanging in dressers
- current toilletries
- dishes + cookware
- about two boxes of toys
- about one box of pantry food
- two to three boxes of cleaning stuff that will probably stay at old apartment until I can clean it up well

Not too bad, huh?
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britchik96 said...

I'm so impressed. I've never, ever been that organized about moving.