Thursday, August 07, 2008

Problems with health - again

So, the last couple of times I've gone in to get tested (my medicine I take) - I've been riding right along at the 2.5 test results - which is smack-dab right on target, FOR EVERYONE ELSE. Me? I'm supposed to be between 3 & 3.5 based on the last time we had issues. Only, my nurse calls me telling me "I'm right on track". I've basically gone with it, as if it works fine for me, I'd just as soon have my tests run that low.

Only, starting on Monday? I started having "episodes" again. The warning signs of a stroke. I had two episodes on Monday... and then nothing... then on Wednesday, I had two more... so I called the doctor's office. I left a message stating that I wanted to talk to the nurse because I'm having "symptoms" again and wanted to increase my dosage.

So, the nurse called me and stated that because my records state that my target is 2.5 to 3 (which means someone forgot to make notes in my chart)... that the doctor covering my doctor doesn't feel that we should adjust my meds. So, I explained the situation to her and asked her to explain it to the doctor.

She called me back and told me that the doctor still doesn't think I should increase my dosage. I got pretty irate. It's not like there's any benefit to increasing my dosage... other than maybe keeping from having a stroke. Which is kind of why I brought it up...! What on earth would I have to gain by lying here?

So, after apologizing for losing my temper and railing on her, I told her to leave a note for my doctor telling him that I'm still going to raise my dosage & go in next week for testing.

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