Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OK, so I've got my bed "set up" -- did that on Saturday and although it took about an hour, it wasn't really that bad. And that included giving a thorough cleaning to the rubber mattress that had gotten damp at some point in the garage.

BUT, in hanging onto about five different pieces to the kit for filling the waterbed, I somehow managed to miss out on the one piece I have to have. So, on one of my trips to Kmart (was going there for something else anyway)... I look for the piece I need... no go.

Well, no big deal, I've gotten waterbed items at Walmart regularly, I'll just stop there. Have been to two separate Walmarts - nada.

Then I thought, just maybe I could try a hardware store. I've got two options - Ace Hardware on my way to work - nice store and great for odds & ends, but knowing that they don't have a complete inventory - I went to Lowes instead. There's a massive store practically a block from home. I didn't expect to find a "waterbed kit", but figured that pieces that go on hoses are pretty universal. Not this piece, apparently.

OK, I know waterbeds are "out of fashion" and all that... but I am NOT the last waterbed user in Iowa, I hope! So, my next plan is to go across town this weekend to the place where I bought my last mattress.... it's a bed store, but they sell waterbeds, mattresses, and "bits and pieces". Of course, instead of paying about a buck-fifty for the part, it'll probably cost me over ten dollars, but I guess that's what I get for losing it and no longer getting to buy the things I need at Walmart.

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