Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well, we're in

We got into the new apartment on Tuesday. It rained most of the morning, so with the help of two guys I hired, it took a good five hours to load the truck. Once we got to the apartment (FIRST FLOOR!!! woohoo!) it took only two hours to unload the truck.

I've still got mountains of boxes, but they are a little like islands with paths all around them, as I work through unpacking. Piles in each room... sorted by room, but still too many piles.

I've been so prepared, I figured there HAD to be something I forgot. Sure enough. I didn't have the garage rented yet - I'd talked to her about it, but forgot to find out where it was on Monday when I signed the lease and payed the rest of the deposits and rent. So, we have a couple of big piles that need to get relocated to the garage. "A" has offered to do that today. We'll see.

He's actually been awesome about it. Very, very helpful in getting things relocated, and running errands while I was busy. We both wore ourselves out on Tuesday.

"a" was at daycare all day on Tuesday, so he was pretty excited to see his new room after school. He & I worked on it first with him there so he could unpack some of his toys. To be honest, he was pretty relieved to see all the boxes of toys. Over the past several weeks, I'd been packing a box of toys every couple of days, and waited until bedtime the night before the move to pack the final two boxes. He was in tears repeatedly over the "loss" of toys, and never quite got comforted by any explanation I could give. He felt a desperate need to go toy shopping - LOL!

Unfortunately, his relief didn't last long - around midnight he woke up with the flu. He was up all night getting ill repeatedly and fighting off any attempts at Tylenol for his fever. He managed to sleep pretty well yesterday during the day. Since I didn't have the internet yet, I couldn't work... and no matter how tired & sore I was from the move & lack of sleep, I couldn't take a nap (probably just stress from all the unpacking to do)... so I focused on getting the kitchen together. His fever finally broke yesterday evening, and about an hour or two later, I got him to eat a few bites. He slept really well last night (but got up at 5:00 am - I assume because he slept yesterday too). So, I'm still a bit tired today. Good news is that we are now online - so I'm trying to work from home today. As you can tell, it's hard for me to focus - so I thought I'd catch up on blogging.

Apartment is really close to the interstate, but we're on the opposite side of the building from it, and it's fairly well muted. Unfortunately, the air conditioners are right outside the bedroom windows (I think I count 6 units); which means that if the windows are open, it's quite loud. But, loud enough to drown out cars completely - so really, all-in-all, it isn't air conditioning weather all year round, so I think I can live with the noise.

Lots of trees, buildings spread out a little bit, very little over-head noise (did I mention - FIRST FLOOR!) and so far? My knee loves not having to do stairs!!!

We have a pool & hot tub fairly close to the apartment, so I keep hoping for a little down time to go for a soak - these tired muscles will appreciate it. Oh, and they have washers & dryers right in the apartment -I figure I'm going to save at least $50/month from laundry alone. I've been doing laundry practically non-stop since moving in. Feels good to have it so convenient and not have to dig out quarters and not have to share the machines.

Well, I suppose - better feed the little guy - he's starving now that he's feeling better.


britchik96 said...

Congrats. So, did son number 1 move with you....? Also, can you email me your address when you get a mo....

spider said...

Yes "A" did move in with me. But sentencing is on Monday and he's supposed to get 20 days in county for his mis-deed last December. He's not happy about the terms of the agreement he has to agree to on moving back in post-jail; but hey, he doesn't have to come live with me then if he doesn't want to - if he wants to? He needs to agree to the terms. I'm very aware that he didn't want to work this past several months because of this jail time (regardless of how much I fought for it); so he's very aware that it will not stand post-jail term.