Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still have a car; still have stress

Car is still in my possession. The last person I spoke to indicated that the car would NOT get repossessed this week - so 2 out of 3 people at the company have told me that. So, not perfect, but likely that we'll still have the car for a few more weeks (at least).

The department I work in announced approx. 50 layoffs last week (unrelated to financial crisis)... I'm still here, but sweating. The department I used to work for, has been completely laid off this week. Don't know the numbers, but that's at minimum 20 people. And they weren't the only group hit. So - still sweating it out - a LOT.

It wouldn't be so bad, but with all the medical bills, the auto troubles - we've wiped out my emergency fund which doesn't give me much room if I go the same way. It would be much less stressful if I thought I had any buffer.

I don't think I've got enough "bills" covered that I can make a second car payment in October - but I'll sit down tonight and figure out what I need to shuffle to see how much I can afford to pay with my second pay check in October - I figure I can at least pay a partial payment. Third paycheck can pay a car payment again for sure... then we've got the first paycheck in November that again - I think I can at least pay a partial payment. Last paycheck of November, I can make a full payment again... first December - another partial... end of December another full payment... then finally - finally we hit January whereby I should be able to pay both a full payment, and all remaining past-due payments.

So - at least, if I can keep my job, I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel for this cash flow crunch.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mixed Messages

So, I figured out how I can pay the August payment on Oct 3rd... called up the company and spoke to a representative that I've worked with quite a bit. She made the payment arrangement, told me she could give me a couple of weeks of "breathing room"... but then we'd have to talk about the next payment.

BUT, not ten minutes later - I get a call. And, I'm told in no uncertain terms that I have to make a payment today or tomorrow. I explained that I had just gotten off of the phone with someone else to make the payment arrangements. They read their screen... and said it's not good enough. They have to have a payment now.

I explained that I didn't have it and what I've been up to and why I don't have it (for the umpteenth time... which is frustrating since I know that there are notes on their screen for them to read).

I've tried to call back the person I've dealt with before, but she's unavailable this afternoon. I don't know who is right... I do know I'm behind, but I'm doing my best to correct the issue. I also know that if they do repossess the car this week - I'm going to be TOTALLY PO'd if they still deduct the payment on Friday. So, I really, REALLY want to talk to someone who can re-assure me that a) they will NOT repossess or b) they will NOT take the payment. At this point? I hardly care which answer I get as I'm soooo frustrated by the whole situation.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well, that didn't work

I went to Kia - and got turned down for the deal. So, guess I'm still going to struggle.

I think I can come up with $500 or slightly more on Friday, Oct 3rd... and it'll either go for a payment towards the Rav4 (if I still have it by then) or for a used car at the auto dealership where I bought the beater (assuming, I might not have the Rav4 by then).

I am going to attempt to call the finance company to discuss last minute options.... there's a company called carmax that will purchase your car at wholesale prices (without going to a dealer)...but that's almost $4K to $5K less than the finance company wanted for the vehicle.... AND it's a 2 1/2 hour drive each way to Omaha. So, if the finance company doesn't think the offer is high enough (so, I'll ask them) then it's a wasted trip...

I'm tired of being stressed and tired over all of this. I'm ready for some good news.

Friday, September 26, 2008


OK - so last night I was driving back from dropping "a" off with his father... and on the radio came a commercial I'd been waiting for - get $5000 for your trade in (no matter what condition)... and with only $199 & a job (I've got those!) - good credit not required (good, cause I ain't got that)... and you can get a new car. But the deal ends this week.

AND I don't REALLY want a new car... I want an inexpensive used car.... that I can afford. So, even though I've got my $100 beater that I would LOVE to trade in, I don't have the $500 I still owe on it to pay it off to take advantage of this deal. I would rather wait a couple of months, have it paid off... and then see if it's worth trying.

So, I decide - timings wrong, it's not what I really want anyway. So, even though I said I was waiting for that kind of a "deal" - now is not the time.

So, this morning... I get a call from my finance company about the Toyota I can't afford to keep. I have until Tuesday to sell it or pay a minimum payment of $600 or it's time to "turn it in to them". No serious interest in the car yet... and nope, I don't have the $600 right now... nor will I by Tuesday - AND DON'T ANYONE GO GET ANY IDEAS AND SEND ME MONEY THAT I CAN'T PAY BACK.

So, I discuss options. If I do a voluntary turn-in... they'll turn around and sell the car for about half it's value and I'll end up owing the balance. immediately. As if I can afford that. However, there are a lot of dealerships that will 'roll over' the balance you owe on your vehicle onto the new vehicle. I do NOT want to do this. However, it will 1) keep the repossession off of my credit rating and 2) keep me in a vehicle. I probably wouldn't have to make a payment on the vehicle until next month (which I can afford to do). AND, chances are, I could get the payments to be less than my current car payments - which would be a good thing to do.

But, since my credit "s*cks the big one" - I can only get credit at Kia - and their cars suck. AND I don't even want a "new" car - but no one is going to "work with me" on a used car.

IF I were to let them have the car back; I'd owe several grand for the balance of the vehicle's worth - which means I can't afford to buy a used car on top of those payments. GRRRR....

Guess I'm going car shopping this weekend, whether I like it or not. Wonder if they'd let me trade both vehicles in... $5K for the beater & use that to balance out the "overage" on the Toyota???? Too much to hope for??? probably, huh?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ornery, obnoxious

OK-so "A" needs to go to his probation appointment this morning. It's been a week since the car died... so, he's known for a week that he really has to rely on his own feet or the bus.

Last night I asked if he knew what buses to take... and of course, he didn't. So, I told him he needed to figure it out before he went to bed. Did he try? Of course not. This morning he tells me he needs help because he can't "read" the bus schedule. Well, of course - no one really can 'read' the bus schedule. It's a complicated mess & traveling from West Des Moines to South Des Moines involves more than one bus switch, lines that don't run all day. It's not like you can just sit down and in five minutes go - oh, look - that's it. No - you have to jot down notes about the bus you want to take - to where it connects to the next bus. Then you find a bus that connects there that gets you to downtown. Then from downtown you can pretty much pick any destination bus from there. So, it's around 8:20 in the morning when he asks for help - correction, when he tells me he needs help instead of asking for help. But, I have a LOT of trouble asking for help; so I can't really complain about that.... The last bus run in the morning leaves at 8:30... so, knowing he can't make that bus in time - I suggest he hop into the shower FAST so that he can ride to work with me and catch a bus that runs hourly all day from where I work.... and while he's in the shower, I try to map out his route there....he's going to be late. At best case, 20 minutes late, but there's an iffy bus connection in there - that means he might be an hour and 20 minutes late. So, I spend more time trying to figure out a way to get him there on time - nada. So, while waiting for him to finish his shower, I figure out the "normal" way to go there if he leaves early enough in the morning. He gets out of the shower & refuses to call to ask to reschedule. Fine - so I know he's going to be late & I tell him that and tell him he needs to at least call and let her know how late he's going to be. Then I start to figure out his ride home (which he'll need now if he's going to go today). However, there are a couple of issues with buses not running for a couple of hours where he needs to go... so I ask him if he's got a book... he says no... I suggest he borrow one of mine, since he'll have a LOT of time on his hands.

He starts sniping at me and barking at me. Me, who is now almost 30 minutes late for work because I took time to help him figure out the bus schedule. I explain the issue - and he's furious - that's like 6 hours there and back. I tell him it's not my fault. But then he starts getting nastier. I'm fed up. I remind him that I had offered to buy him a monthly bus pass - which for an extra $10 gets you shuttled when the buses aren't running - only he didn't want one. This led to a yelling match that I'm not proud of. He just gets my goat... every time. He can be a complete ass. So, anyway - I've got like three pages of notes that are basically chicken scratches of how the buses will get him where he's got to go and get back. I calm things down and offer to explain it to him. He says he can't read my notes. I said, I wasn't planning on giving you these notes - I was planning on explaining it to you and making notes just for what you want to do. He told me that he wanted instructions written for an idiot. I said fine. But, then he says - he wants me to write down whether the bus is on the left or right side... if he should ride through two stops or three... etc. Excuse me? I'm not your personal assistant. So, I bark back - I'll give you destinations -pick up a map & read the street signs. So, he barks back again. So, I walk away. I didn't even explain any of the directions to him that I just made myself thirty minutes late for work to create. Screw it.... I don't have time to do that - and it's not like he wouldn't have had time on the bus to figure it out further when you figure he was going to be on the bus for three hours each way.

But, there is good news- he's got a job... went to a local bar to buy cigarettes (because I won't let him drive my car). And got to talking to someone outside the bar (everyone has to smoke outside now)... they work at another bar & grill - and told him that if he showed up, they would hire him. Unfortunately, it's a popular bar, and they've opened a couple of sites - so the guy pointed down 50th St (and there's one two miles South on 50th St). There's a second one that's on 60th St - but you go two blocks down 50th before you turn to head toward 60th St (which would have been behind the guy's back). I said it was a shame it was the furthest one (knowing "A" would have to walk it)... and of course, there aren't any buses that run North to South - only
East to West -- but if he'd let me buy him a bus pass, the shuttle would transport him North & South... and practically door to door. On call. But, no... not interested. He doesn't want to ride the bus. (idiot).

Anyway, he asks for directions... from me.. so I start to tell him. He says no - he wants to walk to the closest one. I remind him that based on what he told me about where the guy was pointing, that I didn't think he meant the closest one. He didn't care what I thought. Fine - I gave him directions. I told him go two blocks South on 50th; turn Right on Ashworth & then it's on the left side of the street before the 60th St intersection. He said, just a couple of blocks then. I said, no, it's a couple of blocks before you turn; it's almost a mile past the turn. So, what does he do? He calls me up after he gets back home from going there to bitch me out because a) it was the wrong place and b) it wasn't just a couple of blocks. Well, duh sherlock. I told you that. (ass) So, then he wants me to let him borrow the car (when "a" & I were going to go to the Y) to go apply at the other location. I end up offering to take him there instead before we went to the Y, so that "a" still got to go to the Y (because, of course if I were to sit at home for 30 minutes, we wouldn't go); and "A" doesn't drive my car. For some reason, he doesn't believe me when I tell him he's not driving my car anymore.

So, he fills out the application and they saw "felony" on the application - only the guy doing the hiring apparently had a friend who entered another persons home & fought with him (broke the guy's jaw)... so he understands and doesn't have an issue with it (woosh).

He's supposed to show up tonight at 4:30 - ready to work. He still has a second interview, but it's mostly just to be considerate of the head chef. So - he's got a job - yeah!

Still pissed off at him, though. Can't believe he's such a jerk.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick News - still employed

There are going to be another set of pretty heavy layoffs in our group. I've survived another cut... so far, so good. Bit nerve-racking, but good news is that they're going to keep me around another while.

Not a great pic, still... but better than the old one


I've been trying to sell the Rav4 via Craigslist - but I've gotten only a couple of calls - and neither of them wanted to come see it once I'd answered their questions.


Take a look - any suggestions to change to make it sell? I've posted about three or four ads out there every few days - and nada... no interest. I'm going to call my brother today to start to "spread the word" and maybe it'll sell word of mouth.

I've also posted it at autotrader.com http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?ct=p&car_id=251595405&dealer_id=63286359&car_year=2003&model=RAV4&num_records=25&systime=&make2=&highlightFirstMakeModel=&start_year=1981&keywordsfyc=&keywordsfyc=&keywordsrep=&keywordsrep=&engine=&certified=&body_code=0&fuel=&awsp=false&search_type=both&distance=25&marketZipError=false&search_lang=en&showZipError=n&make=TOYOTA&keywords_display=&color=&page_location=findacar%3A%3Aispsearchform&min_price=&drive=&default_sort=&seller_type=b&max_mileage=&style_flag=1&sort_type=priceDESC&address=50266&advanced=&end_year=2009&doors=&transmission=&max_price=&cardist=0

From there? I've only gotten calls from people trying to sell me a $500 marketing program to sell my car for me. They're promise, they'll get me more money. Since getting more money for the car only benefits the finance company (plus if I had an extra $500 sitting around I wouldn't need to sell it)... I kind of figure that's a bum deal.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Making a stupid move

OK - I'm about to do something totally stupid. I know it's stupid. I know that all the financial advisers out there will tell me it's a stupid move. But, I'm tired of being "pinched" in all directions.

I've done everything immediately feasible (including moving) to reduce my monthly expenses. I can do a few more once "A" is out of the house (which will be in six months if he gets a job, since that's not likely, it'll be in two months). I can do a few more next year when my "discount introductory rate" for cable ends... well, at least maintain the same "expense", but maybe less features... as I'll switch then to a cheaper plan with a different company for less service - but since I'm getting better features now for the same rate - no sense switching yet.

About the only thing left is to either get rid of my Rav4 (which I'm trying to sell it) and buying a "newer" old car for smaller car payments.... but can't do that until the Rav4 sells.

I've cut a deal with a debt settlement company - all my non-car debts (all that's left) they will help me negotiate down to at least half what I owe... and we've worked out a payment plan that will work for me. I'm leaving out the one that I agreed in court to make a $200 payment every month starting in November (it's only $1200) because that's how I got the court to agree to stop garnishing my check (wasn't in time to stop the panic this last month, but worked for this check); and a handful of bills that are under $200 each. I figure that I can pay off those within three months by scrimping & saving... and then it's only the $200 for a couple of more months.... not counting the $500/month to go to the debt settlement fund (my savings account) to pay off the other debts... which will take three to five years (three if I pay extra into the account... which I'm planning on). WAY, WAY better than the $1500/month that I've been paying to these debts and only getting into more trouble with them being impatient it isn't more. If this doesn't work - then it's bankruptcy.

But, in the meantime? I'm two months behind in car payments... and getting called twice a day about it. They're pretty good about it - I just tell them what's going on and since I'm trying to work a settlement, they've just made notes and let me off the hook. But, I'm not so sure I can sell it... especially for a premium - in Iowa... with an SUV. Good gas mileage for an SUV, but still, an SUV. I am going to call my brother later today - and ask him to "spread the word" - and hopefully talk to my father & other relatives at the family reunion this weekend. Who knows?

Anyway - the way I see it, is that we're basically going to be very, very short of cash for ANYTHING for another four months. And then? I'd have enough free cash to catch up on my SUV payments (back payments)... and actually be in very good financial shape. It's just going to take that long to build up the funds. Unfortunately? Because I'm trying to figure out how I can pay for the back SUV payments and Kyra's spaying... there's no money going into an emergency fund. WHICH is NOT good. And begs the question - what emergency is going to happen between now & January? I can imagine at least a couple. And, honestly? That sucks.

So - the dumb part. I'm going to cash in a small 401K fund from working three years at APAC... it's only around $6K... it's not like I've managed to roll it over anywhere. It's not like it's my only retirement plan. However, I'll be taking a big tax hit for cashing it out. I'll be taking long-term investment funds & taking them to resolve a short-term cash flow issue. Completely wrong by everyone's definition of the 'right way to go about this'. But, it will allow me to catch up my car payments, pay for Kyra's spay, reduce enough of the other debts (perhaps even pay off the $1200 one)... and, more importantly, set up my emergency cash fund. Then, I can focus on perhaps "enhancing" that emergency cash fund for even more bad luck AND I don't have to count every penny ten times as I've got too many bills and too few pennies.

Anyway - that's my plan. Dumb or not... it will help me out. And, honestly? I have so little retirements right now (I know, my bad), that I'm going to work until I die anyway... unless something seriously changes quickly. But, it could mean that if I've got emergency cash fund & lower expenses - I can start raising the percent of withholding for my current 401K plan in January - see? to help start to make up for this loss???

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something else to think about

I got to go out on a date Friday night... with a really nice guy I met online. One "non-issue" - he's latino... which I've always crushed on, but rarely get to date (so, I kinda like that about him - a lot). He's got a really mild accent - barely there - you have to listen for it... and as you know - I'm kind of a sucker for that (apparently). One "sort-of-could-be-issue" - he's 28. He's cute, funny, & fun. He likes me back... so we had a good evening.

Unfortunately, I had a bit too much to drink (didn't think so at the time - but that UV Vodka? yum)... and I ended up with a pretty bad headache (ok - hangover) the next day - ALLL day.

But, suddenly the money issues? Aren't quite so stressful. It was really great going out & spending time flirting instead.

Hinting at going out again on Saturday - but we'll see. He'd been hinting at meeting me for over a month as it was - and this is the first time we actually met face to face. After dinner, we went out for drinks, then he wanted to go dancing... I don't know of any dance places - but he'd been to Crush before - after a couple of drinks - we drove there - only it's been closed. Another bar next to where it used to be - and we had a couple of more drinks & talked & flirted until about 1:00 am... but then, too drunk to drive home - we sat in the car for about three hours until things "wore off" enough for him to drive home.

I'd post his pic here - but he took the "good one" off of his ad, and the only one left isn't a very good pic... so I'll have to wait & post it another time when I get a better pic.

Friday, September 19, 2008

On something not so stressful

"a" wants a mohawk. He's going to get it this weekend (or at least a form of it)... he desperately wants a hair cut just like his friend at school... who basically just has the regular length hair on the top strip - and the rest is buzzed. So, that's what we're doing this weekend. (wonder how much dad's going to freak out???).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still struggling with A

OK - besides everyone being ill.... I'm at the end of my rope with "A".

He has been sleeping on my couch, eating our food, and not working for far too long (as if you didn't already know). He got fired from his last job back in February - and hasn't done much since in the way of furthering himself to independence. I've battled and battled with him over getting sleep at night instead of sleeping all day (instead he plays on the internet all night); and getting job applications in. Part of the reason he wasn't "motivated" - other than he really isn't motivated - is that he had gotten into a fight in December,and there were pending legal proceedings. But, that drug on and on until he finally served the remainder of the 30 days due to a plea bargain deal in August. When he got out - we had our "bargain" that he had to agree to or I wouldn't let him come home.

My goal was to find "ways" to motivate him (since nothing else seems to work). And of course, his "way" is to do the least he has to do to keep from being penalized more than he has to. So, in his opinion, he can wait six weeks to start looking for a job. We've discussed in great lengths what its going to take to get a job and waiting until the last minute isn't an option in my mind. He's of the opinion it will "fall in his lap". Well, we all know how that doesn't work.

Well, my side of the 'bargain' didn't work either. The car he was driving; died this week.... I didn't make him get oil, I didn't realize it was without oil, but I did know it was low and should have taken the time to make sure he knew that he couldn't drive it unless it was full of oil (somehow I keep thinking he should know better, silly mom). And the car I still have a few payments left on is now worth about $100 if I can get it towed to a junk yard.

We both agreed that since I can't afford to replace the car, that it would count as his first "punishment" instead of the internet.

But, given it's been two weeks - and he's applied for one job online and no other jobs...? I'm very, very frustrated. I've been sick the past couple of days - and all he does is sleep on the couch. I want to scream and yell - even though I know it does no good. I want to break our agreement and kick him out right now, but I don't know if it's fair.

I know in my heart he's bipolar, and that he's been really depressed these last six to seven months; when he was working at the beginning of the year, he was manic - going everywhere all the time, never home, never sleeping. Now, all he does is sleep. He won't consider medication, so I've at least been trying to push counseling so that he can understand his disorder and that it's the disorder that he has to battle to get out of bed and push himself; not the fact that he's a loser (which is his belief). If he were to find a job, it would probably only just push him to the manic side, but at least then he's contributing to something other than just sleeping his life away.

I just don't know what to do to help him anymore... I have given up on the struggle I used to put forth to try to get him up in the morning when he didn't want to get up; or to try to convince him that he needs to beat the streets every day till he finds a job... he doesn't value my opinion in any of this and does what he pleases anyway. I figure its not really my job to make sure he finds a job my way - it's my job to "enable" him and if he doesn't want to do it, then I need to make peace with that - right? But, it still feels very much like failure.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just to be clear...

in under two months? Both "A" and I are going to be riding the bus. As we would only have one non-working vehicle....

And I know I can't support "A" with all of my issues and I have stopped (I hope) his ability to sneak money from me for cigs/beer.

In the meantime - we're both going to be stranded between the car payments I can't afford anymore and the car that won't run anymore.

I am hopeful for a push/pull/drag trade-in option in the near future, but have no clue if I'll be able to get the credit to take advantage of it... I'll try, and we'll see... but I'm not overly optimistic.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Go Figure

I'm currently two months behind on my car payment. I had called them and asked them to 'defer' two months of payments - and was denied. I explained, just because you won't let me defer them doesn't mean I can make them... it means I'm going to end up two months behind in car payments. So be it.

I've been looking at selling it or trading it in. Not that I don't love it, but honestly? I'm a bit frustrated that I currently owe about $16K on a vehicle worth about $11K. I figured that if I trade it in, my new care payments will be higher because (of course) that "balance" will just get moved to the new car (assuming the car company will even cover the additional $5K). I knew if I sold it out-right, I would still owe the $5K difference, only instead of it being within my payments, it would be due immediately - which I know I can't cover.

Speaking with the finance company - they are willing to work with me given my situation, and if I can get offers for it and communicate those offers to them... they will "settle" for less. Of course they want about $12.5 to $13K, which I'm not sure I can get... but I can sure try.

So, my thought was that if I no longer had to worry about a $600/month car payment, I could take one of those car payments to do the little bit of work (new tires, issue with door) to fix up the cheap car I bought when I was laid up... it's a beater, but it has been dependable.... until today.

"A" had an appointment with DHS to try to get Title 19 (to get health insurance). The two days before he had appointments with DHS and his probation officer. So, he borrowed my car for three days in a row - and now the engine is blown. He drove it while it was low in oil. I'd checked it a couple of weeks ago and it was fine, but then it sat.

I can't totally blame him (as much as I want to) because I knew that it did have oil issues, and I didn't have the money to go spend $3 on a quart of oil to "have around" and he didn't have any money to go buy oil. HOWEVER, if he'd checked the oil and known it was low, he could have taken the bus.

I could take this in stride MUCH easier if this isn't how his first car died, if I hadn't just spent over $3K in fixing up the RAV4 over the past year for the two times he drove it & ruined it, and if he hadn't just taken away the car I was going to start driving if I sold my car.

I'm going to end up taking the bus! UGH! I know, I know... this isn't a good sign that he's become more responsible - but it was MY car and I did know of the oil issue and I didn't tell him NOT to drive it. I didn't tell him NOT to drive it if it was low in oil. I just let it happen.

I'm hoping (against hope) that they'll do one of those "We'll give you $2K for your trade-in even if you have to pull it here" deals in the near future and I can use that to replace my vehicle -but knowing my luck and bad timing, it's not going to happen in the near future. GRRR....

Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm hopeful - there just might be a light at the end of the tunnel

So, rent check did NOT bounce - which is both good & bad news. Good news, we're not going to be evicted. Not so good news, my bank account balance is shy around $200.... still.

In order to keep them from closing the account.... I need to deposit money. And no, I don't have any.

However, I finally got my 401K pin number. I was able to request a loan from my 401K account - $1000 which will need to get repaid less than $10/pay period over the next five years. I probably won't wait the full five years to repay the amount - and there's no penalty for repaying sooner (good news). So, when things straighten out, when I get an emergency fund built back up, I can take care of this.

It's an answer to a prayer, not the end of the trouble... but an improvement.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Spoke too soon - again!

Payday advance won't go through - as my account was in the negative - it has to be positive for five full days before it can go through... and unfortunately, I already sent my rent check in (assuming the money will be there)... with Phil's help, I'm only about $200 shy... but that's enough to put me back in the negative if it goes through. If it doesn't go through - then it bounces, then I only have 3 days to get "cash" before being evicted. UGH. UGH. UGH.

Still waiting on the PIN for the 401K loan.... haven't seen hide nor hair.

Still haven't received the "results" of my request to hold off the garnishment... not that it matters this second, but it would be nice to know if I'll at least get a full check at the 29th or not.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well, we're ok for this month

I didn't get the motion yet - even went home at noon today to try to see if it was there (nothing).

But, I did cash in "a"s savings bonds (and yes, I'm a horrible mother... but I can pay him back in five years - hopefully much less than that).

So, between the payday advance & the not quite $400 in savings bonds - I've got enough to pay rent. None of my other bills - but at least rent is covered. There should be a couple hundred dollars left that I can use to buy groceries (hopefully enough for the month) and get the gas tank filled in the car. Although, technically, I could do a slightly smaller payday advance... I a) hate getting one in the first place and b) am only paying an additional $20 to have enough money to buy groceries & get the car filled with gas. If I'm going to have to do one, it would be nice to have enough money to feed "a". So, that's the current plan.

I'm going to go ahead and write the rent check out today & drop it off at the manager's office - hopefully, that'll save me the $45 late fee... and they can deposit it in the morning & the money will be there to cover it.

Somehow? Even though the "crisis" is mostly over? I'm not any less stressed out about the whole thing.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Still sweating it out

I didn't get the notice yesterday about my motion I filed. I'm trying to prepare myself that it might not come today.

My employer fully intends to garnish over $500 from this Friday's paycheck, and if I don't get the notice tonight? Tomorrow night will be too late to stop the Friday check from getting deposited "short". I might run home tomorrow at lunch "just in case" if it's not there tonight.

So, what will happen if I don't get it in time?

Well, my current account balance is


Plus the auto-repay direct deposit payday advance


Total amount owed to the bank that will automatically be deducted from my paycheck the minute it gets deposited.


Total paycheck (with the garnishment?)

For a total net deposit of

Rent DUE NOW??? $790. Rent due by the time I get my paycheck??? $835 (late fee)

I can do another (I hate this, but I can do it) direct deposit payday advance of $500, leaving me still short about $200 for the rent.

So, I'm working on a 401K loan, but it hasn't been even requested yet - as I don't have my PIN yet.... so I don't know when I would get it.

So, next step is probably going to have to be to call up Alex's dad and ask him for a bit of cash to "help out" and that I can repay (hopefully in a couple of months). He may say no.... but I'm hoping he won't. I HATE having to ask for help; but it's obvious that if I don't get this motion granted in time - we're going to end up living on the street. UGH

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Well, I almost cried after talking to a banker today - tears of relief. Not that my money troubles are over by any means. But, they've agreed to waive 50% of the overdraft charges. Since I had 13 at $35 each - that's over $200 that I won't have to pay when I get my check deposited on Friday. If my check gets garnished, it may still not be enough, but it's still a positive.

I'm working through lunch, but I keep thinking I should take a half hour to go run & check the mail for that response to my motion.... I won't, as if it is here today, tomorrow would be soon enough to be able to notify my employer to stop the garnishment; but it would be such a relief to just "know" if it's been approved or not.

In the meantime - I'm working on a task thats considered 'lower priority' by all of management... but, my training is still on hold; and so, it's really all I have to do. In the meantime - I'm getting grief from the people who asked me to do it as it isn't a priority. They wanted it done within 4 days; I knew it would take several weeks to pull together. I told them so. i told them that if they couldn't provide resources, and we have all of our resources working on higher priority items, that they need to escalate so that we can get it done sooner. They tried & failed... and are still upset. They want me to at least give them a better break down of how much I can deliver by when... however, I fought back again - even if I am working on it right now - I can't make any promises - as in ten minutes, I might be given another task that's higher priority (since I'm not supposed to be working on this right now)... and I can't very well argue with my boss that this is a higher priority - when she & her boss have both told me it's not a higher priority than anything else we're doing. I just want to get it done - and since they're running around and can't figure out what should get done right this minute, I'm going to take advantage of that and use this time to work on this project. Of course, my manager did manage to spy me working on this on Friday - asked me why; I told her because she never got back to me with what she wanted me to focus on ... oh, right.... well, ok, but it's not your priority - right? Right

I'm going to spend another 30 minutes or so browsing help wanteds here just to cover my *ss since no one knows what's going to happen with the department. If I find something awesome, I might apply, but mostly I just want to know how lean the opportunities are. I love the fact that if something comes up with my kids I can work from home so easily; or even work my 40 hours around doctor appts, labs, etc.... without so much as just making sure I communicate where I am if I'm not in the office; or when I'll be available for calls. Not every department has such flexibility, and honestly? It's that flexibility that's kept me working with everything I've been through -without it, I would have been laid off ages ago.

That said; there's a small part of me that kind of wants to get laid off - not for long. But, maybe? maybe, just maybe long enough to file bankruptcy & get all my debts discharged? Wouldn't it be nice to be debt free long enough to get my legs under me? I wouldn't want to lose everything - but honestly? what would I lose? I'd lose the SUV that I owe $16K on when it's valued at $13K.... I'd love to lose it (of course, though, not without the right to go buy a used vehicle with a loan... which might be a problem). Though.... if I had to? I could spend the money on my Thunderbird (the car I bought when I blew out my knee) to make it more dependable. It really only needs a little work and new tires - but I can't afford to do that AND make my SUV car payments. It's ok for driving around town, but I don't trust it to make it to Iowa City & back for "a" to visit his dad.

"A" is getting released on Friday evening. He ended up spending a little more time than he had hoped (four days extra) because the judge felt that he needed to serve a full 30 days - and didn't grant him the benefit of getting time off for good behavior. Funny - that's usually so that you won't be a jerk the whole time you're in jail... but guess what? I have no say and neither does "A" - since he gave up his right to freedom by messing up in the first place. He's still getting "time served" which means he'd already spent a week & half before his sentencing... so amazingly? It'll be two and a half weeks come Friday already. We've discussed our "agreement" - and I know, chances are he'll still blow it. But, if he does, he does. I can always drop him off at the Y which provides shelter for homeless men. And if he doesn't agree to the terms of the agreement - which includes applying DAILY for a job that you qualify for? Then I don't even have to bring him home on Friday night - I can drop him off straight at the Y. Of course, he's fully intending to go to school and get a job... of course. So, we'll have to wait and see.