Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Well, I almost cried after talking to a banker today - tears of relief. Not that my money troubles are over by any means. But, they've agreed to waive 50% of the overdraft charges. Since I had 13 at $35 each - that's over $200 that I won't have to pay when I get my check deposited on Friday. If my check gets garnished, it may still not be enough, but it's still a positive.

I'm working through lunch, but I keep thinking I should take a half hour to go run & check the mail for that response to my motion.... I won't, as if it is here today, tomorrow would be soon enough to be able to notify my employer to stop the garnishment; but it would be such a relief to just "know" if it's been approved or not.

In the meantime - I'm working on a task thats considered 'lower priority' by all of management... but, my training is still on hold; and so, it's really all I have to do. In the meantime - I'm getting grief from the people who asked me to do it as it isn't a priority. They wanted it done within 4 days; I knew it would take several weeks to pull together. I told them so. i told them that if they couldn't provide resources, and we have all of our resources working on higher priority items, that they need to escalate so that we can get it done sooner. They tried & failed... and are still upset. They want me to at least give them a better break down of how much I can deliver by when... however, I fought back again - even if I am working on it right now - I can't make any promises - as in ten minutes, I might be given another task that's higher priority (since I'm not supposed to be working on this right now)... and I can't very well argue with my boss that this is a higher priority - when she & her boss have both told me it's not a higher priority than anything else we're doing. I just want to get it done - and since they're running around and can't figure out what should get done right this minute, I'm going to take advantage of that and use this time to work on this project. Of course, my manager did manage to spy me working on this on Friday - asked me why; I told her because she never got back to me with what she wanted me to focus on ... oh, right.... well, ok, but it's not your priority - right? Right

I'm going to spend another 30 minutes or so browsing help wanteds here just to cover my *ss since no one knows what's going to happen with the department. If I find something awesome, I might apply, but mostly I just want to know how lean the opportunities are. I love the fact that if something comes up with my kids I can work from home so easily; or even work my 40 hours around doctor appts, labs, etc.... without so much as just making sure I communicate where I am if I'm not in the office; or when I'll be available for calls. Not every department has such flexibility, and honestly? It's that flexibility that's kept me working with everything I've been through -without it, I would have been laid off ages ago.

That said; there's a small part of me that kind of wants to get laid off - not for long. But, maybe? maybe, just maybe long enough to file bankruptcy & get all my debts discharged? Wouldn't it be nice to be debt free long enough to get my legs under me? I wouldn't want to lose everything - but honestly? what would I lose? I'd lose the SUV that I owe $16K on when it's valued at $13K.... I'd love to lose it (of course, though, not without the right to go buy a used vehicle with a loan... which might be a problem). Though.... if I had to? I could spend the money on my Thunderbird (the car I bought when I blew out my knee) to make it more dependable. It really only needs a little work and new tires - but I can't afford to do that AND make my SUV car payments. It's ok for driving around town, but I don't trust it to make it to Iowa City & back for "a" to visit his dad.

"A" is getting released on Friday evening. He ended up spending a little more time than he had hoped (four days extra) because the judge felt that he needed to serve a full 30 days - and didn't grant him the benefit of getting time off for good behavior. Funny - that's usually so that you won't be a jerk the whole time you're in jail... but guess what? I have no say and neither does "A" - since he gave up his right to freedom by messing up in the first place. He's still getting "time served" which means he'd already spent a week & half before his sentencing... so amazingly? It'll be two and a half weeks come Friday already. We've discussed our "agreement" - and I know, chances are he'll still blow it. But, if he does, he does. I can always drop him off at the Y which provides shelter for homeless men. And if he doesn't agree to the terms of the agreement - which includes applying DAILY for a job that you qualify for? Then I don't even have to bring him home on Friday night - I can drop him off straight at the Y. Of course, he's fully intending to go to school and get a job... of course. So, we'll have to wait and see.

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