Friday, September 26, 2008


OK - so last night I was driving back from dropping "a" off with his father... and on the radio came a commercial I'd been waiting for - get $5000 for your trade in (no matter what condition)... and with only $199 & a job (I've got those!) - good credit not required (good, cause I ain't got that)... and you can get a new car. But the deal ends this week.

AND I don't REALLY want a new car... I want an inexpensive used car.... that I can afford. So, even though I've got my $100 beater that I would LOVE to trade in, I don't have the $500 I still owe on it to pay it off to take advantage of this deal. I would rather wait a couple of months, have it paid off... and then see if it's worth trying.

So, I decide - timings wrong, it's not what I really want anyway. So, even though I said I was waiting for that kind of a "deal" - now is not the time.

So, this morning... I get a call from my finance company about the Toyota I can't afford to keep. I have until Tuesday to sell it or pay a minimum payment of $600 or it's time to "turn it in to them". No serious interest in the car yet... and nope, I don't have the $600 right now... nor will I by Tuesday - AND DON'T ANYONE GO GET ANY IDEAS AND SEND ME MONEY THAT I CAN'T PAY BACK.

So, I discuss options. If I do a voluntary turn-in... they'll turn around and sell the car for about half it's value and I'll end up owing the balance. immediately. As if I can afford that. However, there are a lot of dealerships that will 'roll over' the balance you owe on your vehicle onto the new vehicle. I do NOT want to do this. However, it will 1) keep the repossession off of my credit rating and 2) keep me in a vehicle. I probably wouldn't have to make a payment on the vehicle until next month (which I can afford to do). AND, chances are, I could get the payments to be less than my current car payments - which would be a good thing to do.

But, since my credit "s*cks the big one" - I can only get credit at Kia - and their cars suck. AND I don't even want a "new" car - but no one is going to "work with me" on a used car.

IF I were to let them have the car back; I'd owe several grand for the balance of the vehicle's worth - which means I can't afford to buy a used car on top of those payments. GRRRR....

Guess I'm going car shopping this weekend, whether I like it or not. Wonder if they'd let me trade both vehicles in... $5K for the beater & use that to balance out the "overage" on the Toyota???? Too much to hope for??? probably, huh?

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