Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've been trying to sell the Rav4 via Craigslist - but I've gotten only a couple of calls - and neither of them wanted to come see it once I'd answered their questions.


Take a look - any suggestions to change to make it sell? I've posted about three or four ads out there every few days - and nada... no interest. I'm going to call my brother today to start to "spread the word" and maybe it'll sell word of mouth.

I've also posted it at autotrader.com http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?ct=p&car_id=251595405&dealer_id=63286359&car_year=2003&model=RAV4&num_records=25&systime=&make2=&highlightFirstMakeModel=&start_year=1981&keywordsfyc=&keywordsfyc=&keywordsrep=&keywordsrep=&engine=&certified=&body_code=0&fuel=&awsp=false&search_type=both&distance=25&marketZipError=false&search_lang=en&showZipError=n&make=TOYOTA&keywords_display=&color=&page_location=findacar%3A%3Aispsearchform&min_price=&drive=&default_sort=&seller_type=b&max_mileage=&style_flag=1&sort_type=priceDESC&address=50266&advanced=&end_year=2009&doors=&transmission=&max_price=&cardist=0

From there? I've only gotten calls from people trying to sell me a $500 marketing program to sell my car for me. They're promise, they'll get me more money. Since getting more money for the car only benefits the finance company (plus if I had an extra $500 sitting around I wouldn't need to sell it)... I kind of figure that's a bum deal.

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britchik96 said...

The only thing I'd add is "cash only, looking for quick deal and any offer considered"