Monday, September 29, 2008

Mixed Messages

So, I figured out how I can pay the August payment on Oct 3rd... called up the company and spoke to a representative that I've worked with quite a bit. She made the payment arrangement, told me she could give me a couple of weeks of "breathing room"... but then we'd have to talk about the next payment.

BUT, not ten minutes later - I get a call. And, I'm told in no uncertain terms that I have to make a payment today or tomorrow. I explained that I had just gotten off of the phone with someone else to make the payment arrangements. They read their screen... and said it's not good enough. They have to have a payment now.

I explained that I didn't have it and what I've been up to and why I don't have it (for the umpteenth time... which is frustrating since I know that there are notes on their screen for them to read).

I've tried to call back the person I've dealt with before, but she's unavailable this afternoon. I don't know who is right... I do know I'm behind, but I'm doing my best to correct the issue. I also know that if they do repossess the car this week - I'm going to be TOTALLY PO'd if they still deduct the payment on Friday. So, I really, REALLY want to talk to someone who can re-assure me that a) they will NOT repossess or b) they will NOT take the payment. At this point? I hardly care which answer I get as I'm soooo frustrated by the whole situation.

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