Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ornery, obnoxious

OK-so "A" needs to go to his probation appointment this morning. It's been a week since the car died... so, he's known for a week that he really has to rely on his own feet or the bus.

Last night I asked if he knew what buses to take... and of course, he didn't. So, I told him he needed to figure it out before he went to bed. Did he try? Of course not. This morning he tells me he needs help because he can't "read" the bus schedule. Well, of course - no one really can 'read' the bus schedule. It's a complicated mess & traveling from West Des Moines to South Des Moines involves more than one bus switch, lines that don't run all day. It's not like you can just sit down and in five minutes go - oh, look - that's it. No - you have to jot down notes about the bus you want to take - to where it connects to the next bus. Then you find a bus that connects there that gets you to downtown. Then from downtown you can pretty much pick any destination bus from there. So, it's around 8:20 in the morning when he asks for help - correction, when he tells me he needs help instead of asking for help. But, I have a LOT of trouble asking for help; so I can't really complain about that.... The last bus run in the morning leaves at 8:30... so, knowing he can't make that bus in time - I suggest he hop into the shower FAST so that he can ride to work with me and catch a bus that runs hourly all day from where I work.... and while he's in the shower, I try to map out his route there....he's going to be late. At best case, 20 minutes late, but there's an iffy bus connection in there - that means he might be an hour and 20 minutes late. So, I spend more time trying to figure out a way to get him there on time - nada. So, while waiting for him to finish his shower, I figure out the "normal" way to go there if he leaves early enough in the morning. He gets out of the shower & refuses to call to ask to reschedule. Fine - so I know he's going to be late & I tell him that and tell him he needs to at least call and let her know how late he's going to be. Then I start to figure out his ride home (which he'll need now if he's going to go today). However, there are a couple of issues with buses not running for a couple of hours where he needs to go... so I ask him if he's got a book... he says no... I suggest he borrow one of mine, since he'll have a LOT of time on his hands.

He starts sniping at me and barking at me. Me, who is now almost 30 minutes late for work because I took time to help him figure out the bus schedule. I explain the issue - and he's furious - that's like 6 hours there and back. I tell him it's not my fault. But then he starts getting nastier. I'm fed up. I remind him that I had offered to buy him a monthly bus pass - which for an extra $10 gets you shuttled when the buses aren't running - only he didn't want one. This led to a yelling match that I'm not proud of. He just gets my goat... every time. He can be a complete ass. So, anyway - I've got like three pages of notes that are basically chicken scratches of how the buses will get him where he's got to go and get back. I calm things down and offer to explain it to him. He says he can't read my notes. I said, I wasn't planning on giving you these notes - I was planning on explaining it to you and making notes just for what you want to do. He told me that he wanted instructions written for an idiot. I said fine. But, then he says - he wants me to write down whether the bus is on the left or right side... if he should ride through two stops or three... etc. Excuse me? I'm not your personal assistant. So, I bark back - I'll give you destinations -pick up a map & read the street signs. So, he barks back again. So, I walk away. I didn't even explain any of the directions to him that I just made myself thirty minutes late for work to create. Screw it.... I don't have time to do that - and it's not like he wouldn't have had time on the bus to figure it out further when you figure he was going to be on the bus for three hours each way.

But, there is good news- he's got a job... went to a local bar to buy cigarettes (because I won't let him drive my car). And got to talking to someone outside the bar (everyone has to smoke outside now)... they work at another bar & grill - and told him that if he showed up, they would hire him. Unfortunately, it's a popular bar, and they've opened a couple of sites - so the guy pointed down 50th St (and there's one two miles South on 50th St). There's a second one that's on 60th St - but you go two blocks down 50th before you turn to head toward 60th St (which would have been behind the guy's back). I said it was a shame it was the furthest one (knowing "A" would have to walk it)... and of course, there aren't any buses that run North to South - only
East to West -- but if he'd let me buy him a bus pass, the shuttle would transport him North & South... and practically door to door. On call. But, no... not interested. He doesn't want to ride the bus. (idiot).

Anyway, he asks for directions... from me.. so I start to tell him. He says no - he wants to walk to the closest one. I remind him that based on what he told me about where the guy was pointing, that I didn't think he meant the closest one. He didn't care what I thought. Fine - I gave him directions. I told him go two blocks South on 50th; turn Right on Ashworth & then it's on the left side of the street before the 60th St intersection. He said, just a couple of blocks then. I said, no, it's a couple of blocks before you turn; it's almost a mile past the turn. So, what does he do? He calls me up after he gets back home from going there to bitch me out because a) it was the wrong place and b) it wasn't just a couple of blocks. Well, duh sherlock. I told you that. (ass) So, then he wants me to let him borrow the car (when "a" & I were going to go to the Y) to go apply at the other location. I end up offering to take him there instead before we went to the Y, so that "a" still got to go to the Y (because, of course if I were to sit at home for 30 minutes, we wouldn't go); and "A" doesn't drive my car. For some reason, he doesn't believe me when I tell him he's not driving my car anymore.

So, he fills out the application and they saw "felony" on the application - only the guy doing the hiring apparently had a friend who entered another persons home & fought with him (broke the guy's jaw)... so he understands and doesn't have an issue with it (woosh).

He's supposed to show up tonight at 4:30 - ready to work. He still has a second interview, but it's mostly just to be considerate of the head chef. So - he's got a job - yeah!

Still pissed off at him, though. Can't believe he's such a jerk.

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britchik96 said...

I'm giving it to you straight. Stop helping him. Period. Tell him he needs to leave, get a job and manage himself. All you're getting is stress for being more than helpful....just let it go. He needs a kick up the arse. And quite honestly if he's not working where the effing hell does he have money for cigarettes? The sooner you have him leave, the bette roff you'll be. What an ass..... (him...not you!)