Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something else to think about

I got to go out on a date Friday night... with a really nice guy I met online. One "non-issue" - he's latino... which I've always crushed on, but rarely get to date (so, I kinda like that about him - a lot). He's got a really mild accent - barely there - you have to listen for it... and as you know - I'm kind of a sucker for that (apparently). One "sort-of-could-be-issue" - he's 28. He's cute, funny, & fun. He likes me back... so we had a good evening.

Unfortunately, I had a bit too much to drink (didn't think so at the time - but that UV Vodka? yum)... and I ended up with a pretty bad headache (ok - hangover) the next day - ALLL day.

But, suddenly the money issues? Aren't quite so stressful. It was really great going out & spending time flirting instead.

Hinting at going out again on Saturday - but we'll see. He'd been hinting at meeting me for over a month as it was - and this is the first time we actually met face to face. After dinner, we went out for drinks, then he wanted to go dancing... I don't know of any dance places - but he'd been to Crush before - after a couple of drinks - we drove there - only it's been closed. Another bar next to where it used to be - and we had a couple of more drinks & talked & flirted until about 1:00 am... but then, too drunk to drive home - we sat in the car for about three hours until things "wore off" enough for him to drive home.

I'd post his pic here - but he took the "good one" off of his ad, and the only one left isn't a very good pic... so I'll have to wait & post it another time when I get a better pic.

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