Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Still sweating it out

I didn't get the notice yesterday about my motion I filed. I'm trying to prepare myself that it might not come today.

My employer fully intends to garnish over $500 from this Friday's paycheck, and if I don't get the notice tonight? Tomorrow night will be too late to stop the Friday check from getting deposited "short". I might run home tomorrow at lunch "just in case" if it's not there tonight.

So, what will happen if I don't get it in time?

Well, my current account balance is


Plus the auto-repay direct deposit payday advance


Total amount owed to the bank that will automatically be deducted from my paycheck the minute it gets deposited.


Total paycheck (with the garnishment?)

For a total net deposit of

Rent DUE NOW??? $790. Rent due by the time I get my paycheck??? $835 (late fee)

I can do another (I hate this, but I can do it) direct deposit payday advance of $500, leaving me still short about $200 for the rent.

So, I'm working on a 401K loan, but it hasn't been even requested yet - as I don't have my PIN yet.... so I don't know when I would get it.

So, next step is probably going to have to be to call up Alex's dad and ask him for a bit of cash to "help out" and that I can repay (hopefully in a couple of months). He may say no.... but I'm hoping he won't. I HATE having to ask for help; but it's obvious that if I don't get this motion granted in time - we're going to end up living on the street. UGH

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