Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well, we're ok for this month

I didn't get the motion yet - even went home at noon today to try to see if it was there (nothing).

But, I did cash in "a"s savings bonds (and yes, I'm a horrible mother... but I can pay him back in five years - hopefully much less than that).

So, between the payday advance & the not quite $400 in savings bonds - I've got enough to pay rent. None of my other bills - but at least rent is covered. There should be a couple hundred dollars left that I can use to buy groceries (hopefully enough for the month) and get the gas tank filled in the car. Although, technically, I could do a slightly smaller payday advance... I a) hate getting one in the first place and b) am only paying an additional $20 to have enough money to buy groceries & get the car filled with gas. If I'm going to have to do one, it would be nice to have enough money to feed "a". So, that's the current plan.

I'm going to go ahead and write the rent check out today & drop it off at the manager's office - hopefully, that'll save me the $45 late fee... and they can deposit it in the morning & the money will be there to cover it.

Somehow? Even though the "crisis" is mostly over? I'm not any less stressed out about the whole thing.

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