Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Astrology - never a bad day

I occasionally check my sign for the laugh more than anything else. I've never, ever had anything ever come true (except maybe now). And, honestly? I always thought it was odd that you never, ever see one that says "It's going to s*ck to be you - go home, crawl under the covers, and hide... you're in for a bumpy ride." No, they always tell you "good" things. I figure that if there's ever ANY truth to be found in any of those... then to me? It has to have both good & bad things.

Well, yesterday I was reading an old magazine while in a doctor's office (no problems, just "a"s annual physical). And, I found a negative forecast for myself for this month. I can't remember it exactly, but what I do remember:

People don't think they like fear, but everyone does seek it out. There are thrills to be found by watching a scary movie, riding a big roller coaster, etc. The rush of adrenaline something something. Wouldn't it be great if when we are dealing with negative situations we could treat it like a scary ride? Things are going to get rough, but with the right attitude, you can ride right through it.

So, here, I am riding the roller coaster that is my life. Things are"going" not great, but they are going. I've had a nasty cold for a week. I've paid some bills. My car is "current" not because I miraculously came up with $1200, but because they finally decided they could approve the two month deferment I requested months ago when I realized I wouldn't be able to afford the car payment for a little while. Funny that. I've got two bills that I have paid, claiming they never got the payment... so I have to call tomorrow to deal with that. Other than that? I'm surviving.

"A" is driving me nuts. We're driving "A" nuts. He still sleeps almost all day... we still wake him up when getting ready in the morning. He still wakes me up when he stays up too late at night. He is working. Hasn't gotten a check yet - doesn't have a clue when he's due to get paid... so for all I know, he's got a check sitting and waiting for him because he's too lame to go ask about it. I've threatened him twice in the past two weeks with eviction. 1) cause he was sneaking out at night and taking my car to the gas station to buy cigarettes -- without a license and without insurance. 2) cause he keeps smoking in the apartment... not cool. He's sick of living in the living room, I'm sick of him living in the living room. Cannot wait until he can afford his own place. I've started browsing Craigslist to see the "roommates wanted" ads. Doesn't that sound like a good solution? Cheaper than his own apartment, might be able to swing that sooner than the other? Unfortunately, he's got to start paying his fines & bills for his parole... and he's not working 40 hours a week yet, since he's still in "training". But, he's making $9 an hour during training, so, hopefully it won't take too long to get to full pay and more hours and his own place (or at least NOT my place).

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