Friday, October 10, 2008

Everyday bloggers having contests

Did you know that everyday bloggers do contests - like often?

To help drive traffic to their sites, they do give-aways and ask people to leave comments to "sign up".

I'm signing up for the 100 coupons at Savin Some and this post is hopefully going to earn me a second chance to win :-)

And 3 different options to win at Saving our Cents -- with a second chance to win by blogging this contest here!

And 3 more chances to win if I post a link to Saving And Giving's contest. Would you believe I won this one? YEAH! $145 in coupons getting mailed to me! SOO Glad I entered!

And now? I'm going back to Deal Seeking Mom's blog to find others to sign up for!!! AND - I promise not to write posts every day posting links to winning coupons... but a girls' got-to-do what a girl's got-to-do!!!

Here's a link to Frugal Finds from your Frugal Friend for a chance to win gorgeous re-usable shopping bag which really do seem like something that I would actually LOVE to use (though at $30 each -- I can't afford to buy my own.)

1 comment:

britchik96 said...

Very very cool - I've started to sign up too. How cool is this?