Friday, October 03, 2008

New web site - I'm so excited!

It's a simple concept - writing a to-do list. BUT, I've ALWAYS had trouble with the "stuff from home" that has to get done between 8-5. I make lists, but forget to take them to work (for days, if not weeks). I have pieces of paper laying around at home that I'm afraid to file or toss as I need to do something during the day about them. AND I NEVER GET IT DONE.

But, here's a website (with great cellphone adaptation) - that will let me create a simple & quick & easy to-do list while I'm at home. Record everything I need (like phone numbers and account numbers)... and then, I can pull it up during a break at work and check off the tasks.

Ok - so I'm easy to please - but YEAH!!! This is going to help me SO much in tackling the odds and ends that I just can't seem to manage while on task at work.

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britchik96 said...

What a COOL website! How did you find it? As long as you know it's safe for the account information. I think it's brilliant!