Tuesday, October 07, 2008

So, if the bill was in a fire, does that mean I still have to pay it?

It's not often that I get something in the mail that cracks me up - but here it is:

This was inside a large envelope whose front was 100% window & back was a message from the Post Master indicating that although its rare and they take every effort to avoid damage to mail, sometimes it happens. I can't imagine it happens very often!

Included with the mail item, was a letter from the Post Master in the Des Moines area (mail is actually from Florida) stating similar things... only this added the clue that it occurred during transportation.

Obviously a fire was involved, as it is quite charred... so, can you imagine the poor guy/woman who was handling this & did actually manage to save at least one letter (and possibly, hopefully more)? Can you imagine having to call your boss & say "um, there was a fire... and um... the mail caught on fire... and I think I saved some". Not a fun conversation, I'm sure!!!

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