Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still loving freecycle

I'm still loving freecycle... it's not as great as CraigsList for getting rid of moving boxes... as I had to post a couple of times, and it was CraigsList that got them out of my house.

But, I've posted three times... and understandably (given the donations) got the following responses:

1) Bath chair (for the old or handicapped) -- I now consider myself neither of those, so given there's only one tub and we have to share, I have to give away the awesome convenience of being able to sit IN THE shower and shave. sigh. Got four responses in a period of about a week, offered it to someone, and three weeks later, still have it. Need to try to get this OUT OF THE HOUSE pronto.

2) Kid's dishes... "a" is grown into using my dishes (although his temper-tantrum the other night ended up with one of them smashed... maybe I'm being too hasty???)... but, I've got a home daycare provider coming to pick those up tonight. Got probably six or seven responses for these within 24 hours.

3) large bag of outgrown boy clothes - sorted through "a"s stash of winter clothes and realized NO child needs forty pairs of pajamas... pulled out everything he'd outgrown throughout the summer, and everything that wouldn't fit him from what he wore last winter. Within TEN MINUTES of posting this ad? Got over 20 responses. WOW! One of whom was the daycare provider stopping by tonight to pick up the kids dishes! Figured one-stop-shopping means they'll be gone tonight and I don't have to deal with them anymore. How awesome is that? And, she's got a mom who's struggling financially who has a little boy who needs these... so I can feel good about that.

But wowsers... I had barely even hit send before I got a handful of responses... sadly, it's probably a sign of the times, huh?

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