Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blogger issues

Blogger has been acting up - at least it looks like it'll let me post today.

Monday was the MRI - and interestingly enough - I had two spells during the MRI - one during the normal MRI, the second during the contrast stage. Still think it's highly unlikely they'll see anything. But one can hope.

Updated to report sure enough the MRI ($5000 down the drain) did NOT show anything. Not that I'm surprised.

But - it does also appear that my symptoms are degrading a bit. On Friday I dyed my hair (as I do often enough) - supposed to be "bronzed brown" - but it's a bit reddish-purple. Not exactly a great color for me... so I may or may not be convinced to post any pics.

In the process - as I am quick & not efficient and a bit sloppy - I would drip dye occasionally. What caught me off-guard was the fact that if I dripped or glopped on my right side, I couldn't tell until after I saw it in the mirror - who knows how much later. My ear itched? I reached up & scratched - and came away with a glob of dye. This happened repeatedly. In fact, even up to this morning - while washing my face, I could feel "wet" - but in a test - if I flicked water the only time I could feel it was when it landed on my left side (or my eye - another matter entirely). Freaky.

In addition - during the MRI, for the first time in two years, I had a small episode where I lost feeling on my left side. Totally freaky.

Then - when they put the contrast in for the second MRI? You know - the test where you have to lay perfectly still? I had some kind of reaction - I guess it's similar to how they describe Restless Leg Syndrome in the commercials - but, I've never suffered from it before. But, it was almost like my legs were "quivering" and they'd go from mild to severe - to the point where I actually reached down to touch my legs to prove to myself that they weren't actually moving. It would get so severe, I'd HAVE TO move my legs, almost voluntarily, but not quite... and it would relieve the symptoms. That too was very weird.

Last night going to bed, I thought about those sensations - my legs were totally at peace, and I was thankful that I don't have that condition... what misery for those who do.

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