Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flipping a

This s*cks.

OK - knowing I only had about $38 in my checking account... I wanted to do some preventative actions to keep it from becoming a negative amount. I knew I had an automatic payment coming out of the account for my membership at the YMCA. Since my health is deteriorating, I know I'm not really up to working out right now. So, I call them up to cancel my membership. They need seven days notice to stop the payment... and we don't have seven days.

So, next I go to the bank on the weekend - because last time I overdrew due to an auto-pay, I was told I could come into the bank to prevent that. So, I asked them to not allow payment (not like I don't want to pay the monthly payment, just that I can't afford to).

They won't... but they will reverse the overdraft charge for me.

In the meantime, I know I have $38. So, I withdraw $30... ($5 to buy groceries for the week). And I do an auto-pay at Walgreens for my prescription (with a coupon, got them for only $4).

And what do I find today? That the auto-pay for the YMCA went through first. So, now both the $30 & $4 overdrew as well... amounting to $105 in overdraft charges. And chances are? They'll only reverse ONE of them. This so f*cking s*cks. I can't win.

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