Friday, November 07, 2008

Overdue Halloween post

Now that Blogger appears to be letting me post, I figured I'd do some catch-up.

Here's my superhero - "a" - first as Spiderman for the Halloween party (costume from two years ago - face painting by mommy) and as Batman - for the Trick or Treating. Sorry about the blurry images... this is off of the cell as I don't have the money right now to replace my camera... sigh.

Can you imagine? He was "done" after six houses and felt he had "A LOT" of candy. When I was his age I spent HOURS getting candy hitting HUNDREDS of houses - and I'm not exaggerating - since my teen-age brother was driving, he wouldn't let me quit when I got tired (as then there'd be less loot for him to take)... and we'd end up with four big paper grocery bags FULL of candy by the time we were done. Of course, to keep mom from getting suspicious, he'd keep two bags in the car ... which I never saw again... talk about indentured servant!

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