Friday, November 07, 2008

So frustrated, don't know where to turn

My internist is getting me scheduled to see a neurologist. Right or wrong, I asked to see the neurologist whom I've seen before ... she's awesome. Problem is that two years ago she already ran all the tests she could think of to identify what might be causing this issue besides the PFO. Since she couldn't find anything she agreed with the treatment plan we went with.

Unless something new has come out in the last two years, there's probably not much help she'll be able to diagnose my issue. I do believe, that if something new has come out - she'll know... so between that and the fact that she won't make me redo all the tests she's already ran... I figure she's my best bet. If I went to someone new, they'd make me redo all those other tests assuming that the neurologist I saw before wasn't any good.

I figure there's less than a 5% chance that she can diagnose me, but she's the next one to turn to. After this? No one knows who to send me to or where to send me or what to look at next. We're basically all out of ideas. I feel "doomed" to have a second stroke, if I haven't already.

My right side is still far number than it used to be, although I'm still having episodes where it worsens. I hate sitting around while things keep getting worse.... especially since there really isn't any "great" opportunities for relief in the near future. I'm thinking my appt with the nuero won't be for at least another two weeks - given it's taking them three days to call me to even try to schedule an appt. And then? If she can't figure it out? I don't have anyone else to turn to.

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