Friday, November 14, 2008

Still surviving

So - stopped at the food pantry, have enough food that if I pick up some milk... not much else, we should be able to eat "ok" until the 22nd. The reason the 22nd is a goal, is because that's the date I pick up the food from Angel Food Ministries... and that should feed us for a couple of weeks beyond that date. Not much "meat" - but four cans of tuna and one can of spaghettios & meatballs. ... but with peanut butter, beans, pasta, rice, and eggs... and we'll make it. It means I'm making vegetarian chili this weekend, but that I can do.

Have $35 from my paycheck. Beyond the milk, I need about $10 in gas, and about $8 for my prescriptions... I'll save the rest for some emergency I can't remember. Unfortunately, this means that "a" can't join the rest of his preschool class at "pump-it-up" field trip - which is a $7 event (ok, I know I do have the money, and I know he'll hate me for saying no... but right now? it's not in the list of things we NEED). And right now? only "NEEDS" are on my list.

If by any chance a miracle happens and the settlement company convinces the garnishing company to return some money to my account - then maybe, things won't be so tough.

Daycare - we may be ok. I talked to the director this afternoon... told her what I was going through. I've got money coming out of my check every payday into a child-care account (pre-tax) that auto-generates a check at the start of every month. It covers about two and a half weeks every month of the daycare cost, and I pay the rest out of my pocket. Since the two-and-a-half weeks from the last check covered the end of Oct... I'm going to have issues. But, since she knows there's a check coming December 1st, she's ok with not getting paid until then. Then I basically will just have to pay the whole month of December out of my checks.

The company currently garnishing my checking account was going to be going after my paycheck next, however, has agreed not to for the time being since they are going to work with my settlement company.

I've tried canceling my membership to the YMCA (auto-pay), but it's too late to stop the payment from coming to my account next week. I'm going to the bank in the morning to request that they stop the payment. Because if they don't - then I've got another overdraft charge I can't afford. Last month when I had an overdraft because I'd gotten confused about a payment schedule on auto-draft, they told me that they could have kept the payment from going through... so we'll see.

Next - investigate filing for bankruptcy. As much as I would like to have done so today, I can't afford to... I've got the debt counseling appt scheduled for Wednesday night next week. I'm thinking that it's probably a "you-have-to" situation. As much as I understand that, it doesn't mean I'm happy about it... I hate the fact that I've put $2K towards debt settlement and that if the only reason this situation happened was because of poor communication on my part (which I have since figured out it's my fault).... then there's still a possibility in the back of my mind that I can continue to count on this company to keep this from happening again. I know - that means I'm too optimistic... but I'm the one who screwed up.

How did I screw up? Because last week I got the notice for the garnishment. I'd completely forgotten this. Why? Because I was served notice the same day I'd been knocked out for a medical test and was loopy. I received the notice, read the name & put it aside to call the settlement company to "deal with it" ... figured I'd called after my brain got turned back on. And immediately forgot I'd ever received it. Late last night (still not sleeping) - my mind was churning through lots of thoughts of what do I have to do if I'm not going to have any money for two weeks, what do I need to worry about, who do I need to call, how can I file bankruptcy if I don't have the attorney fees, etc... and I remembered that I'd been served notice about something - and then I remembered what company - and it was the same company. ugh. I could have prevented this. D*MN it all!

Anyway, so far, we're going to survive. There are free meals two evenings a week if things get really bad, but I think we'll survive. I'm still majorly stressed out. But, am not crying for hours every day anymore... that's an improvement. I'm still at the point of crying at the drop of a hat - but at least right now I can bite my lip and stop crying and focus on what I need to do. Like I said - that's an improvement.


britchik96 said...

Oh my...I just got caught up. It doesn't just rain, it pours. I'm so sorry. I'm glad you have food - hopefully at your appt next Weds you'll have a better plan. I hope A is helping out somewhat here and understands the severity of the situation. I feel I'm too far away to help.

Jaden Allred said...

I hope that you are doing well now, Penny. I can sense your frustration and struggle over your financial crisis. But I think you made a wise move in getting debt counseling. Dealing with problems like that can be a pain, but assistance from a professional can be a big help. [Jaden Allred ]