Monday, December 15, 2008

$5 dinner challenge

Chicken & Rice

OK - so I'm busy at work and don't have time to do a lot of calculations. This is virtually identical to my last $5 dinner suggestion. But, sort-of-not. I've been seriously tempted to try this from scratch (which would be even cheaper, I'm sure)... but neither son thinks it's a good idea to go messing with it.

1 packet of Knorr Creamy Chicken Rice side-dish ($1.59 top price, I usually get it for under $1 between sales & coupons)

1 can of Chicken (and no matter how many other ways I've tried this? Canned chicken just tastes better - no clue why, but I give up... canned it is) $2.75 - $3 -- generic tastes every bit as good as brand - so I buy whatever is cheapest.

Throw the chicken & rice into a pot & cook according to directions in packet (basically add water, margarine).

Estimating the cost of the margarine at a high of $.06; and even estimating high on the dollar amounts for the two ingredients - it's $4.64.

I'm thinking though that rice, shredded carrots, and cream of chicken soup (which is probably 99% of the ingredients of the Knorr package, would be even cheaper.

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