Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back to more positive

I've been doing really well with coupons & discounts lately. And decided I would try to find a fun way to turn it into a more interesting blog post.

So, here's the challenge I'm creating for myself - anyone can join. The idea is to capture the amount of free stuff I've been able to get & track it's "value". See if I can't beat my record each month.

I'll have a post-per-month that will start at the beginning and I'll use it to track... updating the post as needed through out the month. And use that for my history.

This will be the "rules"...

a) it had to be free at purchase; given freely from a company/store/not friends/family/web site administrators/etc.; or free with rebate; free with "cash back"; etc. So, for example, my $.09 cans of cat food? Not free. Items bought with rebates? Not really free; it was the item bought at the time that gave a 100% rebate that counts.
b) it has to be "useful"... this is a general rule of thumb I use before deciding to do some of the freebies. If it's free, but I have no use for it ... nor can I donate it to charity. Then why bother. So, for example, I have an option for free "bald guy wipes" (bald head wipes with lotion and uv protection)... seriously? Don't really need these. Only know one bald guy & he really doesn't need it... let alone might be a little offended if these landed on his desk one day.

So - let's see if I can remember my freebies so far for December:

$6 - 2 Reach floss (Walgreens) -- 2/$6 (on sale, can't remember non-sale price); free with register rewards

$3.58 - 2 Revlon Nail Clippers (K-mart) -- Doubled Coupon $1 off times 2 coupons, would have doubled for $4 off (except they don't do overages, so it was $3.58 off)

$.99 Cat treats (K-mart) -- Doubled Coupon $.50 off doubled for $.99

$3.96 Ziploc Vaccuum bag starter system (K-mart) -- Doubled Coupon $2 off doubled for $3.96

$.97 Cat treats (Walmart) -- Coupon $1 off ($.03 went to cover my grocery bill)

$.99 Green Giant Steamer Veggies (Walmart) -- Coupon $1 off ($.01 went to cover my grocery bill)

I'm sure I'm forgetting some; but that's ok. I've got a few deals I want to do today... just need to get to a point of being able to go shopping sans-5-yr-old.

12/13/2008 -- Adding:

$1.38 - 1 20-foot (smallest) roll of Reynold's Wrap - on sale for $.99, coupon for $1 off ($.01 towards other purchases)

$7.18 - 2 3-packs of Scotch tape (Walgreens) - on sale for $1 each; rebate of $2 if you purchase two.

Total to date: $25.05

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