Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas on an extreme budget

I'm going to have about $200 for the entire Christmas Shopping list (I usually spend about four to five times that).

So.... we are hand-making a lot of gifts.

Sister - knit scarf (started, not finished)
Niece - knit shawl (finished)
Niece's spouse (never met him, have no clue what to get him...) - Rochet candies (sp?) and not much else; but am thinking about it still
Grand-niece (newborn) - baby blanket (finished)
Grand-niece (almost 2) and Grand-nephew (5) - hand-sewn hooded towels
Nephew (4) - hooded towel
Friend of family son (5) - hooded towel
Nieces (9 & 11) - jewelry bought on clearance two years ago
Son ('a') - hooded towel, hat, scarf & mittens (not started) plus one video game & cartridge (learning system); plus maybe 3 toys, and stocking stuffers; plus one new shirt, jeans, & desperately needed undies
Son ('A') - hmmm.... money after x-mas to go shopping for clothes, stocking stuffers; new socks -- he doesn't want anything hand-made.... so that's probably going to be it.

All nieces, nephews & grand-nieces & grand-nephews to get home-made x-mas Ornaments (they get these every year). (finished)

For the hooded towels - I'm going to big lots & the dollar store on Saturday & plan on making them assembly-line method. Should take me a couple of hours to make four. Should be able to knit up sister's scarf by tonight or tomorrow night. And another week to make a hat, scarf & mittens for "a".

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Ching Ya said...

Believe it or not, hand-made gifts are pretty worthwhile, and the sincerity of it. I made the Christmas Corner
myself this year too, although I do fancy a bigger tree.. It's a tough year for everyone, but look what we got out of it ~ Creativity.