Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Computer Programming Issues

I'm stuck. It's driving me nuts.

(Normally, I wouldn't post work related programming issues... but I'm stuck at 666 posts, and thought a quick post might be a good idea).

I'm doing XQL - it's a query of an XML doc. And it's VERY BASIC. I've been doing this for YEARS. I've done COMPLEX queries for ages.

I'm very sorry to admit, I'm stuck on an easy query.

About four or five months ago I was having the same problems... however, I was able to band-aid it. It just happened that I needed to retrieve all the elements that just so happened to be at the third level. For whatever reason, I couldn't get the query to work by specifying the name of the object I wanted, nor could I get it to work by specifying the path (normal process)... but if I specified that I wanted it to look at the first level (ignore what it's called), then the second level (ignore what it's called), then the third level (ignore what it's called)... it would work. Those of you familiar with wild-cards, would know what I mean by saying "/*/*/*" worked. EVEN though I knew exactly what the names of every object was, I couldn't use the names.

This time I've got a previously working tool & function that needs to be expanded to work with a new file. It's got very generic code that works fine on the old file -- and it pulls the items through XQL by specifying the path. I call it with the new path on the new file? AND IT FAILS. UGH. The only way I can get it to come even close to working is to use wildcards... only wildcards won't work long-term as I need it to work with the right name of the object.

It be ticking me off.... why on earth can I not use the name -- say "Deal" - with the correct capitalization and everything and it NOT work. Grrr. This is so easy that there's like four lines in all the help files on how to do this - as it is SIMPLE. There's no reason for this to not work that I can figure out. It's not like I don't have the file right in front of me and can literally copy & paste the name of the item right into the query and it still fails. I am VERY irritated....


britchik96 said...

I have a colleague at work....I'll cut and paste your problem and send it to him...see if he knows. I hate's so annoying!

Anonymous said...

This should be easy to fix.

First, you need to determine if you are going to aggregate the alleged matrix into a binary subpar query text, or increase its dynamic to prodigious conclusion ex post facto the Brobdingnagian field, where "A" would represent a diminutive subtext and "X" would allocate the pythonic string of the character set.

Once that is determined, simply intervene post facto "Y" into the paradigm and multiple it times the square root of "C-4B squared", which should alleviate the lurid question post haste.

Gosh, don't you know ANYTHING?