Monday, December 29, 2008

Dr Appt

OK - so eight vials of blood later....

and my INR is low (but that was on purpose... knowing I'm never stable, and knowing that I've been very naughty and forgetting to get tested... I wasn't taking my full dose so I could make sure that if it was off, it was low)

doc is testing me for my deficiencies plus a couple of other tests for the fatigue

This doctor doesn't want me to quit coumadin... but will go along with it if I can convince the other doctor to agree that I don't need it. So, now I get to see the hematologist whom I see about once every two or three years... to see what he thinks.

AND? Interestingly? The only places that he could recommend for a "thorough" workup would be Mayo Clinic or University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics - which of course, been there. Done that. So.... he's very strongly recommending I go to this guy in NYC. He feels that if I go there and this guy figures things out; makes recommendations - that he can take the information from this doctor and follow up with his own tests. That means that instead of worrying about this guy being a bit hokey or perhaps recommending something that isn't very practical - I'd have a second doctor following up. He's really enthusiastic about me going. Isn't that interesting? Makes me feel better about the idea.


britchik96 said...

You know you have a room at ours when you need it so you won't need to pay for staying. If you need anything my end let me know.

Fhaye said...

Hi! I have chosen you to receive a Lemonade award (good attitude/gratitude)- I'm always visiting your blog coz I love it. Pls check my blog for further instructions. Enjoy!