Saturday, December 13, 2008

Final Toll

OK - good news, it didn't end up being $200 or more for the over-drafting from my thief.

Although I still don't think I'm over-reacting; the end-result ended up being one service charge for auto-transferring the $8 odd dollars still in savings and one over-draft. Total loss? about $60.

Better than I had expected. Apparently he did NOT get all the items that he attempted to run through; most of them got turned down. They stayed on my account though for a few days before disappearing.

$60 isn't going to destroy the little x-mas we had coming. It's still ticking me off. And between being as good as he can and avoiding me entirely; I haven't had any screaming fits with him over it. Just as well.

He's still out of the house. He can't life with me if he thinks that it's ok to steal from me two weeks before Christmas at a time when I can ill afford it.

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