Monday, December 01, 2008

Five Year Old funnies

Not sure completely why "a" wasn't introduced to the I-spy game ages ago. I guess because he wasn't that "vocal" for so long, it was hard to play I-spy when he didn't know a lot of words.

But, anyway, I tried to introduce it to him for the long drive to pa-pa's house. I started out assuming that it would be a challenge. And figured that if I said I spied something white & blue (like a sign) - then if he came up with anything that color, I would count it. But, in point of fact, he was VERY good and just about always found the exact thing that I first noticed when picking out what colors to "I-spy".

We played for a good fifteen minutes of me picking colors & him guessing and winning. And then he decided it was his turn. Only, he didn't exactly make it hard...

"I see a yellow ... ... house" (me trying not to laugh... yellow? huh?)
"I see a yellow ... ... store right next to the yellow house" (I'm busting up so hard, I can't answer)
"Oh, you missed them, they're gone now"
"I see white things - see - over there" as he points to some white tankers.
My response? Oh, I see those, are they the white tankers over there?
"Yes, very good job mommy"

Here I give up trying not to laugh - and made "A" take his earphones out so I can tell him how its going.

Too funny.

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