Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good-bye Barb

Barb Tobiason - my cousin, passed away yesterday unexpectedly. Leaving behind her husband Everette, two married daughters (can't remember their names), a son, Scott, and grandchildren.

I never really got to know you as well as I would have liked. I know your life wasn't always easy, but I also know how much you loved your children and lived your life the way you saw fit. I'm proud of the fact that you stood up to people and made your life choices your way.

I only remember a bit - you were a teen/young adult about the time I was old enough to remember... and I only got to know you after your marriage and a little better yet, when you had your youngest child around the time I had my eldest.

I did a little research on the internet - hoping against hope to learn a little more about you. I found two things... one, the auction after your father passed away. The second, was your "success story". So happy that you found something that worked for you. So sorry that it was so late in the game that you didn't get to enjoy it longer.

You did look fantastic at the family reunion - I barely recognized you. I'm sorry I didn't take a minute to give you a compliment and share in your success story then.

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