Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday we drove out to my step-father's. Had a wonderful meal and a chance to connect. "a" got to know his cousin Carson a little better. Carson is about 4; and the two of them had an absolute blast. We barely saw either of them the entire day, except when they were making a trip out to pick up a cookie & head right back into the action. And honestly? that was usually a bit of a blur as they probably knew that too many cookies wasn't in either of their mother's plans for them. So they made the trips FAST. Guess it won't surprise you to hear that they didn't eat much of their dinner... lol!

Carl (my step-father) surprised the heck out of me... he's VERY frugal. And he built a brand new, attached, 3-car garage. WOW. Who would have thought? Only, being frugal, as he is... his friends helped him build it. AND? He got most of the lumber (the sheeting) at great discount. Very great discount. Wonder why the lumber was so cheap? Hmm. that would be because it was recycled from a former hog house. OMG it stunk soooo bad. Thankfully, airing it out for the past four to five months has made it so that the inside of the house doesn't stink so bad (as I guess it permeated the whole house for several months). But, stepping inside the garage, calls for plugging the nose. Without doubt, very stinky.

"A" has gone almost two weeks now without his account at World of Warcraft (it got broken into by someone; and he hasn't managed to recover it yet). As such, he is now sleeping at night, he now gets up and does things during the day. He's been avidly seeking work (for a change); and he's starting to finally decide that there are things he wants to accomplish in his life. hmmm. Makes me want to make sure he never regains his account again... even if I have to hack it myself. I wouldn't. But, I'm tempted.

I've been under a LOT of stress lately as you well know. Normally, when I'm stressed, I gain weight - as I eat to cope. Well, this time around, food was a bit scarce... to make sure that "a" was able to eat to his fill, I haven't been. I also haven't had any snacks for a LONG time. Although we did split a box of shortbread cookies from Angel Food Ministries that were yummy, and lasted a good week; given that we were all considerate and didn't snarf them down the minute they were opened. But, who knew? Combine super-tight money issues with stress? And I lose weight. I've lost eight pounds in the past two months. My pants are getting baggy. While I haven't been gorging myself, even with the tight budget, I haven't really been going to bed hungry either. This is good news.

Better news? I haven't had an "episode" for the past two days. I'm kind of anxious about it, not that I don't want them to be gone. But since we have no clue about them, and no idea why the started or stopped; I'm just feeling a bit nervous about when they'll start up again. And I'm certain they will start up again, I just don't know when. It's too soon to suppose that I'm going to be good until next fall. But I guess, I can wait to find out.

Oh? and doing an internet search for "medical detective" - very disheartening; it's an official job title similar to coroner. Not exactly what I'm looking for. Diagnostician... is more like it; but not many seem to promote themselves as being that. hmmm... challenging. But, that's ok. I like challenges.

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