Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am not a stupid person

I have my degrees; I've got my awards for outstanding achievement; heck if I dig deep, I probably still have my Valedictorian award from high school (don't over-react, it was a class of 26 people ... less competition gives it a little less oomph). I've spent over eight years in my past teaching at a college. And I've now spent nine years working as a professional "problem solver". No matter what my title states. I'm not a stupid person.

But I do make so many, so very many stupid mistakes, too many. I'm blaming the latest one on being distracted. As, yes, I am exceedingly distracted.

I've got my medical issues that even though I can't resolve them in my mind I go over them and over them time and again. I practice my discussion with my doctor well ahead of time. Hoping somehow that "this time" if I just reference my symptoms a slightly different way, this time, I'll trigger a thought that will lead to a diagnosis.

I've got my financial issues. Even with the theft of over a $100 from me two weeks before Christmas by my own son and the over $3000 garnishment the month before Christmas... we still managed to have a Christmas. As soon as I can pick up my paycheck, I have enough to pay rent for January and pay at least a portion for my current bills as well as a small portion for my over-due bills. This is good. It's been unbelievably stressful. But (not to tempt the fates into thinking I'm overconfident) - but I do feel that I've brought things under control and that I'm going to do my utmost best at managing things. Yes, the fates can throw a few more things at me and yes, that may throw a wrench in my plans. And yes, I don't have my emergency funds built up yet... but I have them in my very near future. I have a chance (slim that it may be) that things are really going to work out. (barring major unaccounted for disasters - to appease the fates).

So, I'm distracted. I still shouldn't be screwing up like this. I'm 42-plus years. I'm smart & I know better. I really do.

Let me explain:

After opening gifts, I take a garbage bag into the living room & collect up the wrapping paper & empty boxes... but only those empty boxes of proven toys that don't need a box... those toys that prove they will work and aren't valuable enough to justify keeping the box longer in case of needed return.

"a" being all-in-all a really good boy (no matter how hard it is for me to remember this at times)... saw me and started helping. So sweet right?

An hour later, I'm sitting in the living room reading my new book while "a" is working his way around the room playing with his new treasures. At some point, he spies the box for my brand new digital camera. He picks it up & puts it in the garbage bag that I always leave sitting in the living room so that if we're missing a piece, or can't find something... we can dig through the trash bag. He puts the box in the garbage bag. I stop myself from saying something to stop him. WHY? OH WHY? Silly me, I was happy that he took it upon himself to (when seeing something that his mind would identify as trash) pick up something and throw it away. He's 5. He wouldn't know that to me the box was valuable.

I simply made up my mind that an hour later or so I would pick it out of the bag and take it to my room when he wasn't watching. Guess what. I forgot.

Compound those two errors with the next. "A" being of good cheer and still trying to "fix" the fact that he stole from me.... offered to take the trash out. "Are you done with this yet?" he asks. Me, I think to myself - have I thrown out everything I wanted yet? Why, yes I had. I also thought, do I need to hang onto it in case there is a piece missing from a game? Why, no I don't think so. See, I'd already dug through it once earlier (before the camera box was put in). And, there's nothing in there I need... "Go ahead". I was even grateful of his assistance. Yep, I was.

Guess what broke within 48 hours of opening? The camera of course. Guess who remembered at 8:00 am on Sunday morning where the box might be??? Yeah - so I go out - there's almost an inch of ice on the ground... ok, I might be exaggerating - but the sidewalk & driveway? - it is thick & slick. I managed to stay on my feet... but even with exaggerated careful walking I did that windmill thing with my arms three times to keep from falling. I dig through the dumpster. Nope, not there. In fact, the dumpster has hardly anything in it - which means that they picked it up on Friday or Saturday. Seriously? This sucks.

I'm going to contact Amazon and see if they can take it back without the box. Wish me luck. I just want to cry. And honestly? I've got no one else to blame if they say no. I'm the one that allowed the box to get tossed. It's not like I didn't watch both boys handle it.

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britchik96 said...

They should....if the camera is broken. I've returned things out of the box before. If you need their phone number ping me as I have it....and good luck trying to find it on the website:) Sorry it broke....what a bummer!