Sunday, December 28, 2008

I do love Google... I really, really do

But, have you ever noticed, as you type in a search, how it provides a list of "autofill" options as you are typing? It ALWAYS amazes me when I'm typing in a very odd search string and I find it showing up in the list. That means that I really am not the only person who searches for the following things:

remove Playdo from upholstery
remove acrylic paint from carpet
remove fingernail polish from toilet

Seriously? There are other parents having these self-same issues? Really? I actually feel a little better than I did 20 minutes ago when I started to clean up the paint mess.

And by the way - no, my 5 yr old does not have paint nor Playdo (anymore) nor fingernail polish. However, he seems to seek this stuff out. I've gotten the worst of the paint up & out. There's a few spots left in his bedroom... the last-ditch option is to get some brush cleaner & water it down - so I'll try to find some tomorrow to tackle the last little bit.

Sad thing is that my whole house has all these large area rugs with the hopes that 90% of the mess lands on them and worst thing - I toss those, but save the carpet. This of course, totally missed the rug by about six inches.

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Leon said...

Big deal. Yahoo does it too.