Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, it's Christmas Eve... we've made it this far, and things are going to be ok. Santa has finished his shopping; I've finished mine. Things are a bit leaner; but "a" will be pretty pleased still, I believe. He wrote up a letter to Santa with "A"s assistance (although he did print his name at the bottom). And we probably got a little over half of the list wish fulfilled. "A" on the other hand, besides a book, and some stocking-stuffers has an even leaner hall. All the more so, since he stole over $100 (by the time the last of the fees came through) from me not two weeks before Christmas.

So, tough love kicks in on Friday. He can stay until the day after Christmas. Friday morning, if he doesn't want to stay at the YMCA for the weekend (and coming months); he has to work it out with his probation officer as to where he's going to be living. I'll gladly hang onto the things that are too valuable to risk being stolen at the Y and more than willingly hand them back when he's at a location that can be secure. But, he's got to go. He seems to think that I've forgotten & forgiven the fact that he stole money from me (after all, in his words, it was an emergency). But, its just that I can't harp on it every day and still have a pleasant evening with "a"... and "a" doesn't deserve to be in the middle of all this (which of course, he is; since it's the three of us in our small apartment).

I'm still quite upset and unbelievably stressed over all of this. I know it's the right thing to do; it's just that the last time I insisted he could no longer live at home; things did not go well. Not well for him, not well for my relationship with my mother, not well for "a".... and I just don't really need the added stress on top of everything else.

But, we WILL have a happy holiday - we WILL be Merry & Bright. "a" is still young enough to believe what he sees and provide us the benefit of added Christmas Magic that we wouldn't have if he wasn't here. I can't wait to see him tomorrow morning after Santa has stopped by.

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britchik96 said...

Make sure you open Santa's gift before anyone elses. Happy Christmas my friend! I miss you.