Thursday, December 04, 2008

New advice

I was getting no where fast on trying to locate the couple of companies that are not currently in contact with me and also not notified that I'm working with a debt settlement company. I got a call today from the company I'm already signed up with ... in response to my initial e-mail inquiry about the program. A little slow on the uptake there... but hey, she was nice enough once I informed her I had already signed on. And she came up with a great suggestion.

If I contact the credit bureau to dispute the items on my report... the companies that want my money have 30 days to respond. In doing so, I get current contact information from that response... and walla - it's now up to them to contact me. If they fail to do so, they basically remove all right to resume collections (so you and I both know they won't). But, when they contact them & I to keep me from being able to dispute the claim, I can then contact them and inform them that I'm working with the debt settlement company, which will provide them with the poa and the "cease & desist" request. Since 99.9% of the companies abide by that, it should keep the garnishments at bay and give me enough breathing room to be able to set aside the money to start making lump-sum payouts to settle the accounts I owe instead of paying incredible amounts of interest and fees for the next 60 years.

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Natural said...

I hope things work out with your debt and this company. My goal for the end of this year is to be debt free. I'm almost there.

Best wishes to you