Friday, December 19, 2008

Progress at Preschool

I managed to miss the school conference about a month ago. Finally got it rescheduled and met with his teacher yesterday. "a" is struggling with a lot of his school prep work. I've thought myself that he's about a year or two behind... but some of it turned out much better than I had hoped.

He's really good at making new friends, and learning (like all boys his age) how to keep friends, share, etc. Pretty typical for his age.

He's really struggling with a lot of things and between his teacher (Ms Meghan) and I - we think that it comes down to two root causes. 1) he's afraid to be wrong. He'd rather say he doesn't know (even if he might) than be wrong. Well, have to admit, most of us struggle with this at some point in our lives. Remember being asked to put your hands up if you thought you knew the answer. If you weren't sure, you sure as heck weren't going to put your arm up in case you did get called, were wrong ... and in my day; then got laughed at by everyone. 2) his Nystagmus... he's struggling with the tasks that require depth perception. I had thought that his struggle with drawing shapes & letters weren't related; but his teacher is sure it is. So, repetition on practicing his letters it is.

Last night, to try to encourage letter recognition (as he voluntarily admits to knowing about three letters)... I told him that I would read two pages to him from his favorite book; OR if he could help me with my letters, he could get three pages. He's got the letter A down pat... little stinker. I don't know how many times I've pointed it out to him and asked him what letter it is to hear "I don't know". Goes to show that he just needed some motivation & guidance. So, we're working on our letters more.

I'm hoping that the learning system Santa is bringing will also help in that regard. I was going to mention it to his teacher to see her opinion... but in a round about way; I found out that electronic learning is definitely not something she recommends. We were talking about attention and focus... and she went on about how hard it's becoming in this day & age to keep a child focused on simple things, like listening to the teacher. She feels that all the electronic entertainment & learning games are making it harder for teachers to do their jobs. But, good news is that she feels it's ok in moderation. Which is very fine by me... I have no intent of letting him play video games in the living room all evening. An hour here or there - no problem. All night watching him move his character across the screen? Boring for mom...

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