Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stress & Motivation

Ok, I know, I've been stressed beyond stressed.

Knitting & crocheting items for X-mas... well, while that takes a little creativity; it doesn't "tax" the mind like programming does.

BTW - I figured out a way to fix my little bug earlier... (I was choosing to ignore namespaces; which should have worked. Once I made the decision to search by namespaces; and added the six to seven lines of code to handle them; it worked... go figure).

But, now I'm struggling on motivation & drive to finish the programming work. I've been taking a tool that was designed to handle (inputs & outputs) in very basic xml structure and trying to convert it to xmi (xml with metadata) handling. Using attributes, namespaces, and basically more complex xml. I've been working on it off and on for about a month (or whenever my boss doesn't pull me off to do something else).

One of the reasons we use the tool I'm working on is so that we can store xml-based data in a user-friendly tool for editing; sharing "xml segments" and be able to update the xml easily & quickly. The reason we need to modify xml easily & quickly is because the "output" xml that's generated by the tool goes into another system that is constantly under modification and requires changes to be made regularly to that xml. So, we need easy to modify.

Well, another gent is working on a tool that would "handle" all the conversions to the new system as it undergoes changes. So, my tool would output xml that another tool would "modify" so that a third tool can use it as input.

Do you see my dilemma? WTH? Everyone was jumping on the bandwagon that we could alter our xml to simple xml instead of complex xmi; because if we're going to have this second tool to convert anyway, we don't have convert the tool to the new file type... but I'm struggling with this whole convert it to convert it to use it as input. Why couldn't my tool just provide the input directly? It's designed to handle the changes to the input quickly; why wouldn't we just stick with it.

But, now? With my stress levels through the roof; I just feel like playing sodoku all day instead of working on either converting it to handle the complex file structure; or working on reverting it back to simple structure and coming up with the design of that simple structure.

I probably need to talk this through with my boss to get better direction & make a decision one way or another... but since I'm working from home with "a".... and, (obviously) I'm struggling to explain my concern with going forward with two separate tools to touch the files before using them as input... I just don't have the ambition to go forward with this project today.

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