Sunday, January 18, 2009

I don't believe in Feng Shui

However, every experiment I have ever done in it - has shocked me with the results.

Several years back, when "a" was no longer sleeping through the night after having done really well for a long time. I moved his crib out of the corner and to a place where he could see out the door. He started sleeping through the night immediately.

Several years before that - when my life wasn't going very well... I'd read that if you place the things you desire more of in your life in the NW corner of your home - that it would help drive more of those things to you. What did I have at the time? A mountain (literally) of dirty laundry because we'd had a few messes, I didn't tackle it right away - threw it in this corner... and it grew & grew. I cleaned it up; and moved my "bar" over to that corner (to attract more entertaining); a vase with flowers on it (to attract romance) and put my suitcases in storage behind the bar (to attract travel). Within six months I'd had three "parties" when I hadn't had any in the two years before; I'd dated three men & gotten asked out by a woman... one of the men was a dear friend's brother who lived overseas and we carried on a long-distance relationship for almost a year. And, my son traveled to New Zealand & Australia; I went to England & France; and we both spent a week in Florida & the Bahamas.

When I started working at the location in Newton, IA... I figured out very early on that the place was a really gossip-y place. I'd overheard several conversations about me. Normally I don't really care if someone gossips about me... I'm not overly secretive, so it's not like I'm not an open book. But the things they were saying weren't just hurtful & personal, but they really put my future at the company at risk because they were putting down my skills. I dug into feng-shui again... and found that a small "gold" (i.e., only needs to be gold-colored) rooster placed on your desk and pointed towards the co-workers is suppposed to reduce the talking behind your back. No real proof that it worked, however, if someone was talking behind my back I never did find out about it after that. And in fact, I started getting a ton of compliments on my skills. And you know that "sense" that you get when you walk into a room and someone has been bad talking about you? That went away completely.

So - honestly? I still don't believe that these little tokens - that having a little gold-colored rooster sitting on my desk makes any difference at all. I think I believe that it's the being aware of what you want and doing what it takes to change things that probably is the reason things change. BUT, I can't deny that the co-incidence that these things seem to work means that I'm open to more experimentation.

I've been having money troubles, right? And I was laying in bed last night trying to remember how to improve your "wealth" ... I'm going to have to look it up & try something... but while I was thinking about it, I remembered that whole NW corner of your home thing. Guess what's in my NW corner? The laundry room. Guess what's in it? Besides dirty clothes, the trash can, the recycling? (which by the way, I have way too much of those things in my life right now)... the cat's litter box. I know you're supposed to scoop it every night. I do try to scoop it regularly... but, honestly, it'll go a day or two, if not three between scooping sometimes. Guess what I have too much of in my life? Just guess. poop would be the correct answer. "a" who is five and a half, and was fully potty trained for a year and a half, has decided that the bathroom is just not worth using. The puppy? thinks it's too cold to poop outside suddenly (gotta admit - 20 below is awfully cold for squatting, but what am I supposed to do? Other dog's poop outside...). Having a dirty litter box in the NW corner of your home in a Feng Shui frame of mind - is literally asking for more poop in your life.

So, first thing today... I rearranged the laundry & the litter box OUT of that room. Enough is enough, I give. I'll try it. I'm still calling it an experiment though, because honestly? Why would moving a litter box from the laundry room to the bathroom help with potty training a young boy & a young dog???

I'll let you know in a few weeks if it's helped. Meantime? I'm going to go dig up how to get more wealth in my life!!!! (besides playing the lottery)

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes just because we don't believe in something or understand it, doesn't mean its not true. Take germs for example, and how people were considered psychotic not many years ago at just the mention of little creatures so small we couldn't see them, that would cause us harm. But now that we understand more, it doesn't seem so weird.

The same holds true for Feng Shui. Its not magic, its just behavioral modifications that can help your body work more smoothly in its given environment, things that have been tested over time.

Its like a restaurant- if you sit by the restrooms, you are going to have weird smells and a lot of foot traffic by your table. So its not magical when you go to a restaurant and want to sit on the opposite side. Feng Shui is the same thing, its learned results put to applied behavior.

In my religion you try to hit a balance, referred to as Ma'at (there is no evil vs good). Feng Shui can help you achieve some of that with your surroundings.