Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loving T-Mobile

BTW this is not a pay-to-post, I just really love their service!

I've been a customer since 2003... and I am in no hurry to change that fact. They were among the first to automatically allow existing customers to get free replacement phones after being a customer x amount of time. Admittedly - they require a new contract when you get the new phone. But, since I've rarely had issues with call quality and they have the best prices for my situation (with the previous teenager use, unlimited text messages, etc)... I have no reason to complain.

At least four times in the last six years since becoming their customer, something happened to drive my phone bill sky high. While I was out of state & my mother became seriously ill, to times when my teenager went from not using the phone to having a girlfriend he spoke six hours a day via the phone to... etc. Each time, I called t-mobile to change the account to keep it from bankrupting me... and each time, they were able to make the change effective back to the previous billing time period. Each time they saved me literally hundreds of dollars. And always with a smile in their voice and always with a thank you at the end of the call for being a loyal customer.

I've been having intermittent issues with my phone for over a month now. "A"s phone (on the same account) has no issues. It happens at work or at home... but basically, a perfectly good call gets disconnected mid-call at the under 60 second mark. Repeatedly. When it first started happening, I thought the other person had simply lost connectivity or hung up by accident, or something. But when 75% of my calls started having this happen - whether they were on the phone or cell - at home or driving - I called them or they called me... it was obviously an issue. For the obvious possible issue? I was always sitting - so it wasn't because I was moving around and had a loss of signal... I had a full set of bars... and a full battery. So, something was up. I finally broke down to call them and they suggested that they have a technician drive out to the area to check signal for anything that might be going on. I felt that since "A"s phone showed no signs of the issue - that it was over-kill. They agreed it was probably my phone.

But there was an issue - it was no longer under warranty. They suggested I upgrade my phone - only I was a full six months shy of the date that I would be eligible for a free upgrade. I was ready to throw in the towel & see if I could find a replacement on eBay. But, guess what??? They made an exception and allowed me a free upgrade. Again, I did have to agree to an extension to my contract. But, honestly? Who cares! They are awesome and they are taking care of my needs. I can't ask for more. I'm thrilled!

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