Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Tough Love

So, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Yes, he did try to get me to agree to let him stay. No, I didn't agree to it. I had him back to the shelter by 3:30pm. He talked about how "awful" it was. I reminded him that he needed to make sure he learned his lesson from this so he gets out & never goes back. He told me he could have learned this lesson without experiencing it first hand. I reminded him, that he NEVER learns things without doing it the hard-way. He asked if that's what it was all about - me trying to teach him a lesson. I said no. This was about protecting myself & "a". I got the "I would never, ever do it again" ... I reminded him that he'd already broken that promise before.

But, after that - things weren't the end of the world. I had him take some free shampoo & deodorant that I had gotten back to the shelter with him. Had him pick out some clothes to donate that he won't wear.... he's got probably 10 pairs of pants, and only wears two of them.... dozens upon dozens of shirts he won't wear... and he went through his wardrobe and picked out two shirts to donate. hmmm... guess it's a start. He's got a ways to go.

He's got food stamps, free meals every day, a place to stay at night. He's been helping out in the kitchen - as a result, he doesn't have to go out to the street all day long in the cold. He's got a part-time job starting on Wednesday. It's minimum wage, but it's a job. He's starting his anger management classes for parole. He's got a new start. I wish him the best in getting back on his feet. I wouldn't wish living in a homeless shelter on anyone. But, he's made his choices.

I'm just glad he didn't make things even worse here, and force me & "a" into a shelter with him. He just doesn't understand how hard things are. Like most young men, blinded by their own needs & desires... and not realizing the impacts they make on everyone else. Hopefully, he's growing up a bit.

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britchik96 said...

Good for you! I was thinking about you all weekend. Clearly you being strong is a good thing - and he's not making it too difficult for you.