Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year - new start?

So, I haven't made a New Year's post yet... guess I'm still in shock over everything that has happened in the past year (plus a couple of extra years before that that weren't the best).

Got served notice on Saturday for a debt that was supposed to be handled by the Debt Settlement Company. Sent it on to the Debt Settlement Company who called me back to tell me that this account isn't included. Not sure why not. Kind of - totally - frustrated. Of course, mid-call my cell battery died & I couldn't call them back. Am waiting for them to return my call which was - hmmm, it was on the credit score I sent you for the input of the list of accounts... so why didn't it count?

In the meantime, I've called the attorney to offer to start making payments again, knowing that if they've reached this point, even if I do convince the Debt Settlement Company to add this account - that anything we do here isn't going to keep them from garnishing me unless they agree to accept the pittance I can afford to pay.

Worst case? I figure out how to cut my expenses even further and figure out how to live on a paycheck minus garnishment. Assume that means that my car gets repossessed. ugh. We'll see.

I'm doing what I can; not to say it isn't frustrating. We'll see.

On the up side (is there one?) - "A" hasn't been home for two days. Either he's in trouble and trying to avoid calling me. Or he's stuck out of town (when he shouldn't be) and doesn't want to tell me to admit to it. Or, (and in my delirious world, I'm choosing this option) he's found a new place to live. Dare I hope? Of course, bad influence as he has been? "a" believes that he's not home because he's in jail. Cute. Isn't that cute. How sad is it that a five year old automatically assumes that if you aren't home, you must be in jail - again. I never told him where "A" was when he was in jail. But "A" didn't keep it quiet... and "a" is no dummy. It's sad, though.

I spoke to his probation officer & there is only one program out there that would provide housing - Fort Des Moines - and per her? This is NOT where I want my son to go... and he hasn't done anything terrible enough to require that he go there. He'd be better off living at the YMCA or another homeless shelter. So, if he does show up between now & Friday - that's where we're going to drop him off. If he'd rather not stay there - nothing to prevent him from leaving.

Wish me luck. If things get bad enough, I'm going to call the police to escort him to try to avoid any physical violence. See why I'm dreaming that he's magically found a new place to live?

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