Friday, January 23, 2009

Not looking forward to tomorrow

So, "A" gave me a call. Per his parole officer, he can't just not speak to me. I do appreciate that of her, I do. But it's easier to stay tough when I don't talk to him.

So, he has a job- 4 hours a day at a call center. He's due to get food stamps starting Tuesday. He's staying at a shelter where they have to leave at 8:00 am & return no sooner than 4:00 pm and it's a first in situation where if you come in too late, you may not get to stay. Includes free meals though. And, he's helping out in the kitchen, cooking lunch & dinner... so when he isn't working, he's helping & not having to go to stand in the street waiting for their doors to open again.

So, he filled me in, and then mentioned that if he does get the better paying job in Ames, and if he has enough money saved up, his parole officer will let him move to Ames. I said to keep me informed, and if I could help by packing up some clothes or moving furniture to Ames, I will.

He wants to come home for the weekend. Do laundry, pick up some more clothes, etc. I told him that if he really wants to do laundry or pick up some clothes, that I could pick him up tomorrow morning, but that he cannot spend the night. I could drop him back off at the shelter. He's not happy about it, but I don't want him thinking he can swing back home to stay whenever he wants either. He's on his own now... but I also want him to be able to stop by for a visit or holiday, or also to be able to access his things. So, one morning, one afternoon - no evenings or nights.

I am SO NOT looking forward to this. If he gets even the slightest bit nasty he'll have to find his own way back to the shelter. I'll remind him ONCE that I'm doing him a favor and that he's a GUEST and should behave as such. Wish me luck.

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britchik96 said...

Can you arrange for a friend to be over for support? At least you have a witness then.... Personally I'd tell him to do his own damn laundry....but I understand why you didn't. Good luck. Call me i fyou need to talk.