Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tax refunds

OK - so I filed my taxes early (per lawyer request). And gotta tell you - doing it online is awesome. Getting direct deposit refunds would be even more awesome, however, since a company recently wiped out my checking account for a garnishment - mine are NOT going into a bank account. But, the turn around time? Incredible.

Fed tax refund - is going to a prepaid Master card. It's scheduled to be direct deposited tomorrow.
State tax refund (didn't have the option) was mailed Jan 23rd - so I expect the check in the mail any day now.

I filed on the 19th... the first day I "could" file. How cool is that? Less than two weeks from filing to get the refund? Seriously fast compared to ten years ago processing times.

Of course, top on my list of to-do's upon receiving my refund (besides paying the remaining fee for the bankruptcy) - is to get my little puppy spayed... guess who went into heat yesterday??? Oh, well, I should still be able to get an appointment for next week, I just need to make sure to keep her on her leash & monitor very closely potty time to avoid any potential boyfriends coming sniffing around.

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Kari said...

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