Friday, February 06, 2009

Freebies for February

OK - last month's total was $41.51... not too bad. Let's see how February goes.

An early start at my favorite store (for freebies) Walgreens:

$9.99 Revlon Age Defying foundation - had hoped to get the concealer, but I guess that's what everyone else thought - as those were wiped out in both stores that are close to home. Free After Rebate (+10%)

$4.29 Fructis Wonder Waves Shampoo - those who know me know that I don't have any waves, nor curls. But, since it's free, I'll donate it to charity. Free After Rebate (+10%)

$9.99 Revlon Cream Lip Gloss - Free After Rebate (+10%)

Total to date: $24.27

2/23/2009 - Walgreens...

$.89 Reynolds Aluminum Foil - on sale for $.89 minus $1.00 coupon = Free

$1.99 Excedrin 20 count --- on sale for $1.99 minus $1.00 Register Reward (coupon off of next purchase) + $1.00 coupon = Free (messed up, bought two and ended up paying $.99 for one, as I was supposed to do two purchases on two different trips to get the second one free).

$10.00 for 2 Theraflu - on sale, 2/$10, minus $6.00 rebate minus $4 in coupons = Free

Total for the month to date - $37.15

2/25/2009 - K-mart (double-coupons - yeah!)

Did not buy as much as I'd hoped. Most of the prices I'd used to get my list of possible freebies were not the prices I saw at my store... so only got a few "bargains"... I did still buy the Vaseline Intensive Rescue Hand cream - after coupon only $.49... so not free, not including in my tally... but had to share - still an awesome good price.

$3.00 Crest Clean Mint Toothpaste ($1.50 coupon doubled = $3.00 off) = FREE

$3.00 Clearasil Vanishing Cream ($1.50 coupon doubled = $3.00 off) = FREE

Still have a few more to do - I've got about five coupons for "totally free" items that I'm eager to go use.

Total for the month to date - $43.15 (beats January - too cool!)

2/26/2009 - Walgreens

$1.09 Clearance priced Ceaser Dinner (Kyra) -- Coupon for free up to $1.09 = FREE

$5.00 - Tostitos Chips & Salsa (sale priced 2 for $5) + $3.00 coupon + $2 Register coupon for purchase of a razor I needed to replace.

and the best part? A coupon for free dog food printed because I bought the free dog food. That be cool!

New total = $49.24 ... and I ended up with just as many free coupons as I had before I walked in, so that will work for me.

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