Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tough weekend

This was to be my first weekend without children - in over a year. Saturday was unbelievably gorgeous - it got over 40 degrees. I put a ton of boxes into the garage (3 buildings down) and managed to clean the living room (for a change).

I sat down to watch some recorded shows, knit a little, and relax & enjoy myself Saturday night. Only... my peace was destroyed by one phone call.

"A" called and got right to the point. He wanted to move back home - and told me I was being childish to not allow it. He denied stealing from me. He wanted me to give him a key. He belittled me, then tried to make me feel guilty. And, when I finally told him that if his only reason for speaking to me was to try to change my mind or manipulate me, that I really didn't need it any more. He called me a heartless c*nt... and I hung up on him.

I'm so angry & hurt, I can't hardly stand it. I know he's just acting out in anger... and I understand him being angry at me. But, I'm not going to excuse his behavior. I have had enough of it. If he's willing to call me & apologize... I will speak to him. If he gives me an ounce of manipulation, grief, insult or injury... I won't speak to him. I just don't need to deal with this.

So, my wonderful Saturday - turned into a beast. Sunday was too short & I couldn't keep my mind off of him being a jerk... I tried to distract myself, it just didn't work very well. Monday I worked - but I got to tell you... all this stress? Between my health issues, filing for bankruptcy - and dealing with "A" issues? They're starting to notice it at work. I got "spoken" to about my not handling certain issues to the best of my abilities. I just don't have the patience to deal with jerks at work on top of everything else. I know it's not professional to let this stuff get to you - but honestly? I feel like I'm at the end of my rope.

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britchik96 said...

Do you have an occupational health person you could talk to? you may get some free visits - and that'll help. Be careful...i'd hate for A to get violent.